Facebook Marketing for Brands

Social media is a way to engage clients in a level that is superior to traditional forms of advertising. Two billion people use Facebook and their demographics extend into personal interests. Facebook collects data on what users like, and this data collection is used to design targeted marketing campaigns.

Solving consumer problems is the coalface of marketing

Consumers are driven emotionally to fulfil certain needs and wants. Lifestyle opportunities through purchasing of products and services can be offered by companies to the right consumer through targeted marketing. Facebook marketing drives solutions to the right people.

Hong Kong fuses eastern and western flavors

Consumers in Hong Kong are a blend of Asian culture, and western influence. Many amazing brands have been created in Hong Kong and have a huge base to market too. Hong Kong presents a unique opportunity for brands based there to test out possible international markets. With Facebook marketing, and targeted campaigns, measuring the success of a particular effort can allow for recalibration for larger international marketing crusades.

Content and direct engagement delivered to consumers via Facebook

Marketing traditionally only had a limited number of choices for specific types of demographic targeting. It was determined from sample populations and then ads could be scheduled via either magazine, print media, radio or television. Billboard advertising could be placed in certain areas at very large expense.

Mass media campaigns can complement targeted social media campaigns

With Facebook marketing, advertising budgets are spent more effectively, because they closely fuse together more sales type lead nurturing than general sweeping marketing campaigns. Mass media campaigns that are traditionally used can then be more targeted to areas where there is a better response via social media.

Greater return on investment for marketing budgets

Facebook marketing, especially in dynamic and complex geographical populations like Hong Kong helps direct content and advertising to the consumers who are the most likely to engage with a particular brand. New brands can leverage the familiarity of other brands to their potential markets, and then will be able to create interest and sales to those populations.

Customer Relationship Systems Increase In Effectiveness Through Facebook

Salesforce, and other types of Customer Relationship Systems used by brands and companies help sales teams work more effectively with the marketing department. When metrics and demographics are used to better design advertising campaigns, and content is delivered by targeted systems such as Facebook, the advantages to use Facebook is clear. More client engagement leads to greater sales because the right people are being engaged. This helps build trust, makes life easier for both sales and marketing professionals and consumers have a better brand experience.