3 Tips for Creating Captivating Content

Before Google and other search engines started banning sites that were just keyword stuffing. The act of inserting keywords throughout a web page so frequently that it lowers the quality of the content for the sake of ranking in search engines. The first page was often overrun by irrelevant and dodgy web pages. But if you blindly fill in keywords (Keyword Stuffing) when optimizing a web page, the quality of the content will obviously drop. This in turn affects traffic and conversion rates.

Google and other search engines have since started penalizing such poor website optimization techniques, reducing the chance of people finding irrelevant or low-quality websites when using search engines. Over the years, the quality of website content has become more important with every algorithm update. Search engines like Google have worked towards delivering better results that are based on relevance and engagement quality. For all the content writers out there, this is great news!

The aim for all digital wordsmiths and SEO content writers is to captivate the audience and engage with them in a meaningful way while still including the appropriate keywords and phrases. With that said, the priority lies in writing content that is meant for people to read and not simply just tick boxes for search engine algorithms. The trick in writing good SEO content depends on your ability to write around the keywords, and make it read well.

To make things easier we’ve simplified your search for writing amazing content and narrowed the criteria down to three main ones. So, without further ado, here are three major tips on how to write captivating content for websites:

  1. 1. Research is key

  2. You’ve definitely heard this before, but the importance of knowing your audience inside-out is essential. Make sure to see your audience as human beings, not just facts and figures. Before you start writing content, it is important to collect relevant information on different platforms as much as possible to ensure that the content is of quality and useful to your audience. To easily collect information on web pages, the OneNote Web Clipper extension on Chrome is a really handy tool! After downloading the extension and once you see useful or relevant information on a website, you can click the button in the upper right corner to save the data to OneNote. 
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  4. Select the whole page, area, or plain text you want to capture, and set the storage location, and then click “Clip”. width=
    This chrome extension speeds up your research process, especially when you have a lot of information to refer to, and the interface also lets you view and organize data with just a few clicks. 


  5. 2. Headlines can make or break you

  6. The headline is often the first thing you will see. Not only will it affect your SEO ranking, but it will also affect your click-through rate and branding. When coming up with a headline, step into the shoes of your audience and consider the reasons why you would click on some links over others. Maybe it’s because of a higher ranking or position on the page you’re viewing, or perhaps it’s the subject that draws you in. Research that suggests that people are significantly more likely to click a headline that: 
    • Deliver on the content and information that is promised in the headline
    • Include keywords. Target keywords in your headlines are important to the search engines, as well as potential site visitors.
    • Use strong and adjectives. Emotive words are great at attracting and grabbing the reader’s attention!

    3. Don’t write for robots

  7. As content writers, we always have to strike a balance between writing content that can connect with our readers and ticking off boxes that satisfy search engine algorithms. However, our aim is to always deliver well written, engaging, and meaningful content. In doing so, we can create the necessary level of trust to effectively tell our story to the person in front of the screen. As content writers, it is our responsibility to guide and walk them through the website, no matter what the goal is.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with our top 3 tips on writing captivating content, apply them when you’re writing content for a website, sit back, and watch your conversion rates soar. 

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