Bringing Your SEO Tactics into 2016

AS Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) adapts to updated technologies and modern usage, the goalposts for success are moved regularly. At this stage, the qualitative aspects of SEO far outweigh the quantitative – looking at how people use the internet or how they find what they are looking for. This is modern SEO.


As techniques, tactics and technologies used to improve your SEO fall by the wayside, it is hard to know how to keep afloat. This post will hope to give you some insights on how to not only survive, but thrive, in the modern world of SEO.


Think About How People Search

It can be an all too easy mistake to disassociate with the people behind the screens that will be searching for you online. However, everyone that is searching online is a real person, and it is key to never forget this. Putting yourself in the user’s shoes – and by that we mean a person’s –  you gain the ability to have a conversation with them using SEO.


Content works best when it answers questions on a specific level, as it is an organic way to interact with modern search engines. Asking Google how to tie a knot will have pages that directly answer this question at the top. Moreover, as technologies such as voice searching begin to see more use, conversational searching is more popular than ever.


Quality Content Wins, Every Time

It is never a good idea to try and shoehorn keywords into content. The best method of making keywords work is organically – make the content great and have it contain relevant keywords. Stuffing mediocre copy with a bunch of keywords is a recipe for disaster in modern SEO.


Think back to the holistic approach mentioned earlier – put yourself in the user’s shoes. They want useful content, entertaining and well-written. Providing them with a well structured blog post that relates to their pain is much more important than keywords being stuffed into place. The more organic way to use keywords is to make good content about the topic in question and the keywords will follow.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, but the concept of holistic, organic SEO should be the main takeaway. Especially with the latest Phantom III update, which highlights the true importance of straightforward, useful content working in search engines. Treat your audience as individuals, or friends down the pub, and you will begin to make a meaningful connection with them that can bolster your chances of SEO success in 2016.