4 Content Marketing Strategy


THE type of content that you create for your business reflects your marketing strategies to a tee. As a result, utilising this content can help your business flourish online, depending on how you use it. The four major types of content are Attraction, Authority, Affinity and Action content. Although not mutually exclusive, these four types of content do serve their own goals within the marketing platform.


Attraction content

This form of content is based around bringing in new readers and attracting a new audience for your business. It also is a useful method of conveying your company message to your audience.


Authority content

By creating authority content, you are bolstering your stance as an industry leader to your audience. Authority content is all about getting your audience to trust you as an industry expert.


Affinity content

Once you have managed to establish yourself as an industry expert using authority content, you can use affinity content to help build a community around your work. This will bring a level of collectivism to your business and brand.


Action content

Finally, action content is the catalyst that will get your audience to do something. By building up a community around you that trust what you say, you have already established trust. Now use this trust to direct them to action – buying your stuff, subscribing for your services or signing up to a trial.


Using these four different types of content is pivotal in taking charge of your own finances through sales. Ultimately, these formats will give you the power to control how much you can charge for your service or product.


There are a host of other benefits that come from establishing your brand using these pillars of content. For one, your dedicated audience will gleefully link and share your content to others, which will help your audience grow organically. It also allows you to branch out within your industry – you can become a guest poster on another industry influencers website or vice versa. Again, this helps enormously in boosting your audiences organic growth.


Utilising these four pillars of content is all about getting people to trust you and be on your side, which in turn will help them give you money for your product. There is more at play here than profits, though. Once you have managed to build a foundation for your community, they will naturally become dedicated fans. This is a priceless part of marketing that there is no easy way of getting, so cherish it. Treat your audience like close friends, and they will treat you similarly.