WordPress vs Squarespace – Which Is Better For YOUR Website?


WordPress vs Squarespace I hear you say? Well, if you’re on this page, it is because you are ready.

Ready for what?

Well, maybe you are going to start your first website.

Or, maybe you are looking to upgrade your current website. 

Either way, you know you are going to create an AMAZING website (and hopefully grow it with SEO 😉 ). 

But before you do, you need to make a decision. What platform will be, in the WordPress vs Squarespace choice?

This article will show you everything you need to know to pick the option that is best for you. In this guide, we assess WordPress vs Squarespace for features, so you can easily pick the one that suits your needs.

Who will win in this epic battle? Let’s find out!

What is Squarespace?

WordPress vs Squarespace, which is better?

Squarespace is a website builder that is built on one concept – simplicity.

Because of this, Squarespace has some of the best graphics, templates, and features in the market, all of which are included and connected to the program.

It is very easy to use, has all been integrated into one place, and makes your website creation as enjoyable (and seamless) as possible.

What is WordPress?

WordPress vs Squarespace

WordPress is not just a website builder, in fact, it’s an entire CMS (content management system), plus it’s open-sourced.

This means that WordPress offers a (near) infinite number of free and paid plug-ins, all of which can grow your website in different ways.

Because of this, WordPress is extremely powerful and customizable, but it takes a bit longer to learn – especially for people who have no coding experience.

So… which is the overall best?!?

Sorry, but this is an impossible question to answer. When choosing WordPress or Squarespace, it all depends on your needs, experiences, and both your long-term and short-term goals.

But here’s a good way to look at it…

If you are a beginner, looking for the simplest and least expensive way to build a great website – go with Squarespace.

If you are more experienced OR have more resources to commit, but want the most powerful option on the market – go with WordPress.

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Because overall, those are the unique selling points for each platform.

Squarespace is ready to learn right out of the gates, but while it has some powerful features, it’s incredibly limited when compared to the powerhouse that is WordPress.

WordPress is powerful, robust, and endlessly customizable, but nowhere near as user-friendly or fun.

Let’s break things down even further to determine which one is best for your needs.

Which platform to choose? (10 point breakdown)

#1 – WordPress or Squarespace: Which is better for beginners?

Squarespace is better for beginners because it is easier to use.

It is an all-in-one tool that has everything you need to create a beautiful website and landing pages quickly and doesn’t require any coding. This is made easier by Squarespace’s drag and drop features, which are quick and easy to understand.

WordPress is certainly more complex but because of this, most experts agree that it is more flexible and powerful. It should be noted that learning WordPress is not THAT difficult – but it will take more time than Squarespace, which is why it’s the best option if you are looking for the simplest/fastest solution.

Winner – Squarespace

#2 – WordPress vs Squarespace: Which has the best templates? 🖥

Squarespace’s templates are modern, clean, and easy to use. With 113 different expertly designed templates available, there is no doubt that you will find one that you like. 

In contrast, to have a stunning website on WordPress you’ll have to either code yourself or pay for a premium website builder plugin. Plugins like this (such as Elementor or Thrive Themes) cost around $100 USD annually, but are very similar to Squarespace – simple to use drag and drop page builders.

So, this answer is technically a tie, but since Squarespace has the better templates right out of the box, we’ll give it the win.

Winner – Squarespace

#3 – WordPress or Squarespace: Which is more affordable? 💰

WordPress’ pricing remains unbeaten. It is FREE. However, you’ll have to pay separately for hosting, plugins, domain, and developer costs, which means that WordPress usually ends up being more expensive.

In contrast, Squarespace plans range from $12 to $40 per month and cover absolutely everything.

Winner – Tie ✅ ✅

#4 – WordPress vs SquarespaceWhich is better for SEO? 📈

Both WordPress and Squarespace are optimized for SEO right out of the box.

Squarespace requires less technical knowledge, but it can’t touch the quality and quantity of SEO plugins that WordPress offers.

So because of the scalability and long-term SEO power that WordPress gives you, it wins this category.

Winner – WordPress

#5 – WordPress or Squarespace: Which has more features? 😎

Squarespace has more built-in features such as a website editor, analytics, social feeds, and podcast, plus many more.

But if you take WordPress’ endless amount of plugins that you can download into consideration, then WordPress wins in a landslide.

Winner – WordPress

#6 – WordPress vs Squarespace: Which is better if I plan to scale up? 🚀

If you are starting your website for a small side project or hobby, Squarespace is a great way to go. Its simplicity and great UX make it pretty unbeatable in that sense. It’s also a great way to build a simple (but gorgeous) website that collects leads or informs your users about your business.

But if you are starting your website to build, and grow a legitimate business, then WordPress is far superior. It might take a bit more time to learn, but the long-term results will be worth it.

Winner – WordPress

#7 – WordPress or Squarespace: Which is better for eCommerce? 🛍

Both Squarespace and WordPress can create a great online store.

Squarespace is easy to set up, your store will looks absolutely amazing and professional and you’re ready to sell in no time.

With WordPress, you’ll have to install a plugin like WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopify. This makes it more time consuming, but, again, it will give you more power in the long run.

If you are a smaller business and want to start selling quickly, Squarespace is great. If you’ve got more time/funding to develop your eCommerce site, WordPress (with the help of Shopify/WooCommerce) wins all day.

Winner – Tie ✅ ✅

#8 – WordPress vs Squarespace: Which is better for bloggers? ✍🏽

Without a doubt, WordPress is better for professional blogging. Its comment abilities, built-in tagging, categorizing, and HTML access make it a top choice for bloggers. 

Squarespace is also solid for blogging and has lots of expertly designed blog templates, but it still can’t beat WordPress’ blogging tools.

Winner – WordPress

#9 – WordPress or Squarespace: Can you work from your phone? 📱

You can choose according to your personal preference. Squarespace and WordPress both have mobile compatibility. Squarespace and WordPress apps for iOS and Android are free and easy to install.

Winner – Tie ✅ ✅

#10 – WordPress vs Squarespace: Which platform is the safest? 🔒

With Squarespace, security is built-in. Every Squarespace plan comes with a free SSL certificate that protects the data on your website. Moreover, it also has built-in experts who can help if your site is attacked.

In WordPress, you are responsible for your website security and doing regular backup and updates.

Winner – Squarespace ✅ ✅ (but WordPress is still super secure)

Conclusion to WordPress vs Squarespace

Squarespace or WordPress as platforms can create a stunning website.

While we are a bit biased towards the power of WordPress, we totally love Squarespace and think it is capable of great things for your website.

So now that you’ve finished the article – what are you going to choose? Maybe you already have a website, and need to increase your traffic? If so, we would like to suggest our SEO services. And remember, if you want to grow your site – no matter the platform – be sure to reach out to First Page today to speak with a digital strategist.