Why Hong Kong?

96% of Hong Kongers use the internet on a daily basis, which is why every business owner in Hong Kong needs to be selling their products online.

But with so many options and different online platforms - where do you even begin?

Truth be told, while there are numerous places to sell your products online, they are not all created equal. So we’ve written this article to give you a quick overview of the best websites, platforms and marketplaces for business owners in Hong Kong who want to generate leads and sales.

This guide will give you a deeper understanding of where Hong Kongers spend their time online, so you can spend less of your time researching where to sell your products, and more of your time actually selling.

#1. Google

Who it’s for - All businesses

The world’s largest search engine, over 90% of people in Hong Kong use Google as their preferred search engine, therefore making it the best place to sell online in the SAR.

Why is this?

Because Google gives you the ability to get your products directly in front millions of HKers with Google SEO, Google Ads, as well as (Google-owned) YouTube Ads.

These different strategies can get your product in front of just about anyone in Hong Kong, and is why it’s our number one recommendation.

Here at First Page we have been helping our clients sell products on Google for over a decade. If you are interested in growing your business with Google, contact us today.

#2. Facebook

Who it’s for - All businesses

Easily Hong Kong’s most popular social media platform, Facebook’s unprecedented size allows you to reach millions of people in Hong Kong.

So that’s why if you are looking to sell products, Facebook is hard to beat.

Facebook is a great place to create organic content, but the platform is most effective for creating ads. The Facebook ad platform has an intricate ad-targeting system that converts, and scales better than any other ads platform out there (excluding Google).

One more awesome benefit to running Facebook ads? It helps you get a foot in the door with Instagram ads, which can be equally as effective.

#3. Amazon

Who it’s for - Businesses that sell physical products

Over the past few years Amazon has really started to grow in popularity in Hong Kong, and while it’s still not the largest e-commerce website in the SAR - that is exactly where the opportunity is.

Because Amazon is still growing in Hong Kong, Amazon SEO is more effective and Amazon Ads can offer a great ROI - which is why this is the perfect time to start selling your products on the Amazon store.

We are predicting Amazon growth in Hong Kong to be substantial over the next coming years. Early adopters will benefit most.

#4. Linkedin

Who it’s for - B2B, especially software and services

One of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, Linkedin is extremely popular in Hong Kong boasting well over 2 million users.

Linkedin is a platform that specifically caters to business content for business professionals. This means that it is less ideal for B2C type businesses, but it is GREAT for B2C type businesses.

If you sell any type of professional service, then Linkedin is the perfect platform to advertise your business and services.

You should look into investing time into creating organic content, as well as investing in a Linkedin Ads campaign - the combination can be very lucrative.

#5. Baidu and WeChat

We have coupled Baidu and WeChat together here because it is important to note that neither platform is popular in Hong Kong, but both platforms are extremely popular in Mainland China.

Therefore Baidu and WeChat are ideal for any sellers looking to make a break into the Mainland’s 1.3 billion customers.

Both platforms are accessible, and can yield impressive results. If you are interested in breaking into Mainland China, contact us today about our WeChat marketing or Baidu marketing services.

Are you ready to start selling in Hong Kong?

Whether you are a new business, an established business, B2B or B2C there are an unlimited number of ways to sell your products online.

But in our experience, it’s best to stick with the proven platforms we covered above. If you are interested in growing your business in Hong Kong, contact us today.

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