Converting traffic into buyers

Your website is up and running. Your product is ready to sell. Now everything should be as easy as kicking back, and enjoying as sales start to pour in… right?


In the online game, getting your website up and running is just the beginning of the work. Now comes the hard part of actually getting traffic to your website and getting that traffic to convert.

It’s called optimization. It’s an ongoing process, but a necessary one that every online business must do.

But the good news is that improving your conversions doesn’t have to be super complicated. Below we’ve listed 7 possible reasons why your website isn’t converting, and most importantly, how to fix these issues and optimize your site.

#1 - Not enough traffic

The simplest way to increase the number of conversions you have? Get more traffic!

Different industries have different conversion rates. It’s very common in some industries to have conversion rates around 5%, and even possible to have conversion rates that are below 1%.

So the formula is simple - add more traffic and get more conversions.

If you are interested in creating an epic content strategy that will give you more traffic than you can handle, you have to invest in SEO. Contact us now to speak with a Digital Strategist about how we can drive a ton of high-quality traffic to your website.

#2 - Not the right kind of traffic

Another common problem is that your website has traffic… it’s just getting the wrong type of traffic.

You can’t focus on just getting traffic from people who are familiar with your product and are ready to make a purchase. You also need to focus on creating awareness for your product.

This is where it’s important to understand a concept referred to as the ‘Buying Cycle’.

The buying cycle goes in the order of Awareness -> Consideration -> Evaluation -> Purchase.

And a good marketing strategy will be sure to have content that caters to each stage of this cycle.

This means that it’s important to have content for customers in the ‘Evaluation’ stage.

But it’s also just as important to create content for customers in the ‘Awareness’ and ‘Purchase’ stages.

You want a well-rounded content strategy that addresses every part of the buying cycle. It can absolutely help increase your conversion rates.

#3 - Website is loading too slow

Did you know that the average internet user expects their website to load in under 3 seconds? Anything over 3 seconds, and your bounce rate is likely going through the roof.

Slow loading times can negatively affect every part of your website. If things are loading slow (images, videos, buttons, lead forms) it will obviously negatively impact your conversion rate.

Identifying slow loading times is usually fairly easy - just give your website a test-run to see how it performs.

Another option is to use our free SEO-audit tool. This free report will show a bunch of SEO metrics, including insightful information about page speed.

It should be noted that you need to take a slow loading website VERY seriously. Google has deemed that speed is one of the most important ranking signals of today and moving forward. This means that a slow-loading website is not only affecting your conversions, but also your overall SEO.

#4 - Not enough CTA’s

CTA = Call to Action, and it’s one of the most important parts of driving conversions.


Because your customers are more likely to make the action you want, when you call them to do so.

For instance, if you need leads to fill out a form, you are going to need headers, copy, buttons, and more that are directing the user to take your desired action.

It’s a bit more of an art than it is a science, but adding a couple tasteful CTA’s can work wonders for conversion rates.

If you are interested in improving your CTA’s and improving your copywriting in general, be sure to ask us about our premium content writing services.

#5 - Poor design

Often overlooked, a poorly designed website can destroy your conversion rates.

This is because young, savvy, internet users expect a certain experience from their websites. They don’t just want the site to load fast - but they want it to be minimalistic, modern, and with an easy to navigate user experience.

#6 - Not mobile-compatible

Sort of an add-on to the previous point, a well-designed website NEEDS to be mobile friendly. In fact, it’s more important for your website to be mobile-friendly than it is for it to be desktop-friendly.

This is because we now live in a mobile-first world. In fact, mobile internet traffic beat desktop internet traffic in late 2016. Since then the mobile revolution has been full steam ahead.

Business owners need to understand that everyone is carrying, and surfing the internet with their mobile phones. This means that your website needs to be optimized for mobile SEO as well as mobile UX.

#7 - Too many options

A surprising entry on this list - sometimes too many choices on your website can also negatively impact your conversion rates.

This is especially true for companies that sell services. Sometimes too many options can confuse your customers, which makes them feel overwhelmed, so they leave your site and look for an offer from a competitor that is simpler to understand.

Are you ready to increase your conversion rate?

The only way to increase your website’s conversion rate is by taking action. If you want to hire the best to help you optimize your conversions, reach out to First Page today for a free consultation.

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