Increase Your Brand Awareness

For anyone in the real estate business, the need to be known is vital for success. Digital marketing can be the answer. Whether you need SEO, google ads or other marketing techniques for your real estate business, digital marketing can help spread brand awareness and build trust among your potential customers. It comes as no surprise that people are looking for real estate online more than ever, as it enables you to compare different properties and locations from the comfort of your own home. Having an effective digital marketing campaign can provide people in the property market the ability to talk to real estate agents and realtors from anywhere in the world. The days of in-person marketing are fading. It’s time to move online and sell more.

Employ an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Understanding who your audience consists of is the most important step to take before running a full-fledged digital marketing campaign for anyone in the real estate industry. Who are they? It’s even a great idea to establish a buyer persona. Where do they hang out online? Once you have this down, you can start to use various digital marketing strategies to target them there and at the best times like when they’re browsing the property market, for example. Running real estate google ads and having high quality SEO content for your website will help drive enquiries and conversions. All this accurate and useful information will pique the interest of your potential customers, you’re almost guaranteed to see a spike in sales. We run flexible campaigns that we can consistently change and adapt to get the best possible results for each individual client.

The Key Digital Marketing Areas

If you’re a real estate agent looking for a digital marketing strategy, you need to be ready to adapt to changes at a fast pace. So what are the key areas that we focus on and can adapt for each campaign?

  • Content – this is all about creating useful information for potential customers, whether it be on your website, in a blog or anything else.
  • Email – Directly contact people all over the world with a succinct, useful and well-timed email.
  • Google AdWords Management – gather and track results in real-time
  • Build a reputation – control how people perceive your brand online
  • Paid media – Reach high-value leads
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Grow organic and target traffic
  • Social media – Where you’ll find most of your customers
  • Website design – increase conversion rates when someone browses your website.

What We Offer

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies for real estate agents in Hong Kong, First Page is well poised to help your company refine and expand its online presence. We have had plenty of experience and positive results working for brands in the property market before, and our digital marketing work is guaranteed to increase sales conversions and profits. Improve your brand’s image and set yourself up for long-term success. Contact us today for more information.

Like almost every other industry, having a strong online and digital marketing presence is vital for brands in the real estate industry. Getting there isn’t easy, but with a well-researched and effective approach you can give your brand a favourable position in the competitive market. Even the slightest of benefits over any one of your competitors can be enough to sway potential customers. But any benefit is nullified if you can’t get the message out there. And with more and more people getting their information online, it’s the logical place to get started. Digital marketing is the next step for realtors looking to expand their services.

10 Must know digital marketing strategies that will save you $$$


10 Must-Know Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Save You $$$

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