In The Hong Kong Travel Industry? You Need A Real Digital Marketing Strategy

When you are a professional in the online travel industry world, it is vital that you have a digital marketing strategy that connects the dots for you and your customers. Those who succeed in the ever-changing digital marketplace must fight tooth and nail for every last engagement in the hopes that they will turn into profitable clients that return time and time again.

It’s a noisy world. A strategic digital marketing strategy helps you cut through the noise and be seen in an industry that is fighting for every last traveler. With a solid strategy in place, you can see your inquiries increase, your reservations skyrocket, and your services rise to become the top choice of travelers all around the world.

Millions are researching online before they plan their next trip. What if the next time they logged on, your company was the first one they saw? As they scroll through endless social feeds, what if the post that made them stop and think “What if I…” was yours? With the right digital marketing strategy in place, you can keep your customers happy - and their sales coming in!

You’ve Got The Hook Up - Make Sure Travellers Connect Through You

Across the ever-expanding travel industry, there are a variety of moving pieces that keep the entire operation moving. From tours to rentals, hotels to special events, there are thousands of points of contact that can mean the difference between profitable bookings and missed opportunities. Take advantage of the high tourism season and keep your customers aware of promotions and limited-time travel deals that are more likely to get them to pull out their luggage. With a robust digital marketing strategy in play, you’ll never miss any opportunity to connect the next traveler with the trip of their dreams. Take on the competition with online campaigns that keep all eyes on your company for the best traveling opportunities - all through a digital marketing strategy built by a team with years of experience and expertise.

Meet Travelers Where They Are and Give Them What They Need

Need proof that a digital strategy is vital for success in the tourism industry? Don’t take it from us - take it from those who are booking trips every day through their phones and tablets! Trips are being booked every minute of every day on mobile-friendly websites and apps. Those trips are booked through reviews that are seen on updated and engaging sites. Those reviews are written by previous travelers who use social media to highlight the best - and worst - of an incredible trip.

Online marketing - especially social media marketing - isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s growing exponentially as more customers make buying decisions based on social posts and videos instead of websites and print advertising. Integrate digital into your company model to keep business flowing year-round and use the power of social media to make your customers become your biggest fans and consequently your greatest advertisements!

Unlock Potential Through Targeted Audience Research

Have you ever stopped to think about the individuals who are booking trips through your company?

  • Where do they come from?
  • What are their passions?
  • What are their demographics?
  • What are they most likely to book - and therefore, most likely to purchase through you?

When you take the valuable time to research your prime target audience, you can begin to tailor your marketing to reach those customers who are most likely to click “Buy”. Through a digital marketing strategy that is focused on research and statistics, you can capture the most valuable individuals who are truly looking to book a trip and spend your valuable budget dollars on them. Don’t waste a single dollar on people who won’t look twice through a shotgun-approach. With the right strategy built by the right team, you can adapt your company to focus on the highest ROI potential!

The Toolkit For Online Success

So now that we have convinced you to build a digital marketing strategy, where do you begin, and what is the best strategy for your unique company?

The beauty of a marketing strategy is that it can be tailored to fit your present needs. Consider the following common elements of a digital marketing strategy as you begin to think about what your brand needs:

  • Increase Conversion through Website Design
  • Engage and Track with Paid Social Media Advertising and Google Ads
  • Grow Traffic with Targeted SEO
  • Reach Your Audience Directly through Email Marketing
  • Take Your Brand To Your Customers On Social Media
  • Define and Control Your Brand with Online Reputation

...and that’s just the beginning! With the right team on your side, you can rest easy with your brand in capable, expert hands. Speaking of the right team...

You aren’t alone. With First Page on your side, the sky’s the limit.

First Page is the leading digital marketing agency in Hong Kong. We know what it takes to build a marketing strategy that reaches customers directly where they are. With a team of trained and skilled experts across a variety of marketing and programming fields, we will sit down with your team and walk through the entire process to ensure that your marketing strategy is exactly what you need.

Our team will work with you to keep you fully updated with content that will keep customers engaged no matter the season. With a strategy based around both your most profitable customer demographic and those that you can grow through, raising your engagement levels is easy. Thanks to consistent reporting and communication, you will always stay in the loop to keep your brand as fresh as possible as the travel and tourism industry changes.

Contact the First Page team today and find out how Hong Kong’s best digital marketing team is changing the game forever.


Watch Your Influence Soar With A Digital Marketing Strategy Built By The Best In The Business

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