Think local, act local. With more search phrases including location-based keywords than ever before, we’ve designed local SEO packages that help businesses succeed online. We can target your neighbourhood audience with a precise, comprehensive optimization strategy that drives targeted traffic to your website.

budget under control

Get found

With a personalised maps
listing and location-centric

As well as providing you with targeted keywords that are location based, we’ll also help our clients to put themselves on the map. Our company understands that a maps listing is a key part of any local SEO campaign and is great way to not only tell clients what you can offer, but show them where to find it.
Give the locals an opportunity to get to know you and how they can reach you with the right words and a visual aid.

Adapt world-class strategy to your local campaign

We’ll establish the key phrases people are commonly entering when searching for your business, services, or products online. With an emphasis on location based keywords, our team will optimize your site as part of our local SEO services, pushing it to the first page of search results. This will give you the edge you need to win business over nearby competitors.

A personalised strategy tailored to meet your budget and business goals

A dedicated account manager to see your campaign through to success

Fortnightly reports outlining the progress of your site’s performance

Technical specialists who will conduct all onsite development


Put your business
on the map!

budget under control

As part of your local SEO services, we can
create a personalised Google Maps listing
which helps customers find your business
amongst others in your local area.

Your unique listing will include a short
description of your business, trading hours, a
link to your website and contact information.

First Page is a local SEO company that’s committed to
empowering businesses and ensuring they succeed
online. We drive effective SEO campaigns that deliver on
agreed objectives. Contact us on +852 2356 3200 to find
out how we can help your brand reach success through a
customized, local SEO campaign.