What is FMCG?

FMCG, or “Fast-Moving Consumer Goods”, are products that have a high turn-over: they are purchased frequently at low cost and consumed rapidly. These goods include the daily commodities purchased by the consumer; such as fresh produce, processed foods, beverages, medicines, cleaning products, stationery and toiletries. Put simply, FMCGs are goods that have a short life-span and are consumed at a fast pace.

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry

Due to its high turn-over rate, the fast-moving consumer goods market is both large and highly competitive. This means companies that want to get ahead need to focus on their marketing strategies to entice the consumers to purchase their product over a competitor's. FMCGs account for around 50% of consumer spending, but as they are low-cost, low-involvement purchases people are less likely to show them off to their friends than they are a "high-investment" item that they purchased. For this reason, successful advertising strategies for FMCG are very different from those of higher cost, more durable goods.

FMCG Marketing

While TV advertising campaigns have been the main focus for FMCG marketing, it is no longer the most effective. The average consumer has become all but immune to the influence of TV ads: when the ad breaks come on consumers tune out or change the channel. To gain an edge in the market, advertising campaigns have to come up with more creative and innovative ideas to capture consumers' attention and generate sales. In an age where people follow the latest trends and seek out the most unique products, brands have to adapt to remain relevant and maintain their reach.

Why Digital Marketing is the Future

This is where digital marketing becomes vital to a company's success and growth. By creating advertisements that are search engine optimised (SEO) and designed for social media, marketing campaigns become better placed to capture market interest. Digital marketing for FMCG, when properly employed, opens new doors for the company and puts their brand and products in front of the customers most likely to purchase their goods. The best benefit to using the digital platform for advertising is that it enables you to land your brand in front of your target audience: this is what makes it so effective.

E-commerce has been increasing exponentially in Hong Kong in the past few years and is expected to continue on the upwards trend. Since the rise of social media, more Hongkongers are engaging with each other and the world online. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach their target market and increase sales. Hong Kong is only just entering into its age of digitalisation and with significant potential for future growth, now is the time for companies to establish themselves and get ahead of the curve. As David Yeung, Chairman of the Hong Kong Advertisers Association puts it: "...marketers should always be ready to adopt and integrate new technology for successful marketing strategies. We need to keep abreast of different media platforms to optimise various opportunities.”

Furthermore, by utilising digital marketing for fast-moving consumer goods, your company can extend its branding and reach to a global market.

Here at First Page Digital, we provide marketing services for fast-moving consumer goods companies. When you partner with us to create digital marketing content for your ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram, you're ensuring that you'll be seen by the consumers. Our services will make sure your company and product stand out from the rest of the crowd and boost sales.

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