HK Influencers on Instagram that You Need to Follow

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HK influencers on Instagram are huge in HK. What sets these HK influencers in Hong Kong apart from others on Instagram? These users have thousands of followers. They are not just popular, they’re powerful – they are a brand.

According to Adweek, “marketers are doubling their investment in influencer marketing this year, with Instagram influencers alone accounting for more than $1 billion of marketing spend”.

These influencers in Hong Kong have an established channel with immense social reach. In fact, these HK influencers have the power to sway the attitudes, opinions, and responses of the masses in their respective industry.

We share encapsulating the unparalleled essence of Hong Kong to unveiling one person’s life throughout. Here are 8 prominent social influencers taking Hong Kong social media by storm. We’re sure they’ll help to inspire your very own digital footprint.

1. Daniel Lau – Our favourite HK influencer

Daniel Lau Instagram Feed

Daniel Lau, is the man who’s literally on top of the world. He ventures across an extraordinary globe to unveil a striking sequence of impeccable views. He is a busy working personal trainer. When he is not training he travelling to the utmost ends of Hong Kong to discover the best rooftops to climb.

After each climb comes an astonishing photograph. And of course, another follower to add to the artist’s 115,000 on Instagram. Just as @daniel__lau tells his audience to ‘follow the brightest star’, he puts his life on the line to do just that.

Lau captures life on the edge. He shoots Hong Kong from hidden heights at various times of the day. What we get are immense aerial skyscraper shots, luminous lights and picturesque portrayals of the metropolitan city’s incessant everyday life.

Although, Lau’s no stranger behind the camera. He often captures himself amid the action. Either through a stupendous selfie, full-body shot or even sneaking his legs into the frame all while promoting his intrepid group ‘Exthetics’.

In an interview as an HK influencer with Time Out Hong Kong, Lau affirms, “The most interesting thing about urban exploration is that there are no guidelines to follow and no one to tell you what to do. You have to depend on your gut instincts to create what you envisioned.”

2. Jonathan Cheung – Our lifestyle HK influencer pick

Jonathan Cheung Instagram Feed

Jonathan Cheung, Co-Founder of Buzz Agency is a modern-day connoisseur of all things luxe. Buzz Agency is one of Hong Kong’s most renowned public relations and marketing agencies, showcasing an enthralling fusion of fashion, lifestyle, and culture.

Featured on Hong Kong Tatler’s ‘The 500 List’, Cheung, one of the best HK influencers, an undergraduate from New York’s distinguished Parsons School of Design, invites you to follow his charmed journey as a visionary; work, play and all the passion in between.

Much like his life’s work, Cheung sure knows how to have a party. Whether gracing Milan Fashion Week, sailing the seas of Sorrento or skiing in Switzerland, Cheung always steps out in style and of course, takes a spirited snap to match!

And his Instagram @jc_jonathancheung is a pure testament to that, whereby the metropolitan socialite proves that his life, in fact, imitates his art.

3. Vivien Liu – A top photographer HK influencer

Vivien Liu Instagram Feed

Vivien Liu is globally revered as both an architect and photographer. She is the Founder of Studio UNIT. Her passion is Hong Kong’s urban density and structure through rose-coloured glasses.

She loves the bold cityscapes, striking geometric buildings, impeccable lines and mauve sunsets to the fashionable faces and frenzied streets of downtown. Liu captures the city’s aesthetic in manifold forms through her Instagram account @vdubl. It is a unique visual feast for wandering eyes.

To add to a surplus of more than 230,000 followers, Liu, through Studio UNIT, has driven the design behind some of Hong Kong’s most prominent buildings, including the Tencent Binhai Mansion (OMA), Charter House Lobby (KPF) and Danen Capital. She has simultaneously attracted major clientele such as Nike, American Express, Samsung and Sony, to name a few.

Liu’s incredibly powerful work remains a moving anecdote of how a passionate architect turned into a famous photographer. It also lays her claim to being one of our favorite HK influencers. Hereby declaring a passion for “the extreme contrast of natural and man-made, how a super high-density urban environment can be just minutes away from a forest”, which manifested her utmost success.

4. Jessamine B – A culturally perfect HK influencer

Jessamine B Instagram Feed

Soft hues, crisp air, and everyday dwellers amid the metropolis gently intertwine. We see great cityscapes and iconic landmarks to reveal Jessamine B’s precious portrayal of life in Hong Kong.

Born and raised in London, Jessamine B (@jesso) now resides in Hong Kong. She is a well-known lifestyle and travel blogger, penning her many interests via the blog ‘Hello Jesso’. Jessamine’s keen passion for life in general, art and crafts, photography and travel. This she seamlessly translates through her awe-inspiring Instagram, which boasts more than 70,000 followers.

The blogger of Filipino descent uncovers a personal outlook for instance. She looks into the very things that she enjoys most, while visually representing the geographical gems that make life worth living.

Jessamine B offers many distinguished juxtapositions. Moreover, things like the rush hour in Japan against the tranquillity of Tianmen Mountain. This welcomes you to chase her enticing travels. Jessamine is among the most liked HK influencers.

5. Kyle Yu – An artistic look into local life by this HK influencer

Kyle Yu Instagram Feed

Graphic designer and photographer Kyle Yu is a master at framing visual compositions. He presents this through his phenomenal Instagram account @kyle_yu.

Born and living in Hong Kong, Yu, who currently has more than 84,000 followers, captures the city’s most remarkable buildings with his artistic eye. His portfolio includes a variety of state-of-the-art, retro and downtown buildings, geometric and patterned streets, bold lines and vivacious pops of colour.

Recently featured on Passion Passport, Yu admits having mild “symmetry OCD”, which explains his flawless alignment of horizontal and vertical lines.

Yu offers an exclusive look into the metropolitan city’s eminent infrastructure. In conclusion, he has made his mark as one of the great HK influencers while sometimes sneaking into its inhabitants.

6. Ceci Ngan– A world well-traveled with this HK influencer

Ceci Ngan Instagram Feed


Are you an avid follower of the fashion community on social media? If so, Ceci Ngan may already be a familiar face. She is the founder of the fashion and lifestyle mobile app, Sense7. Moreover, Ceci is a well-known style icon based in Hong Kong. She documents her lavish staycations and eye-catching outfits on her aesthetic Instagram feed. With over 190,000 followers, Ceci continues to showcase her passion for fashion and snapshots of her daily life through her aesthetic lens. Want to see her more distinctive outfits for more inspiration? Go check out Ceci’s Instagram account @no7.

7. Sean Foley – This HK Influencer loves the night

Sean Foley Instagram Feed


Known for capturing Hong Kong’s scenery at nightfall, Sean is a master at crafting moody and atmospheric compositions, which he showcases through his awe-inspiring Instagram account @stfeyes

Originally a teacher hailing from the land of down under, Sean would explore the streets of Hong Kong every night after work. Now with over 33,000 followers, Sean likes to capture sides of Hong Kong that are often overlooked: strangers resting in the alleys at night, the view from the Lion Rock illuminated by night lights, and more. 

8. Gloria Chung – We always get hungry with this HK Influencer

Gloria Chung Instagram Feed

A journalist and editor for over 10 years, Gloria has tasted plenty of food because of her work. Ignited by her passion for food, Gloria created her delectable Instagram @foodandtravelhk to share the food destinations in Hong Kong and around the world. Currently, with over 50,000 followers, Gloria’s feed is a feast for the eyes. From street snacks, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, Gloria reviews all types of food – but the focus remains on authentic, quality, tasty dishes.

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