SMS for Non-Profits: How to Reach More Supporters

SMS, or short message service, is an incredible tool for non-profits looking to reach more supporters and raise awareness for their cause. With an open rate of 98%, SMS is a much more effective way to communicate with donors and supporters than email or social media. In this blog post, we’ll explore how nonprofits can use SMS to reach more supporters and ultimately make a bigger impact

Personalised Communication with Donors and Supporters

First and foremost, nonprofits should use SMS to communicate with donors and supporters in a personal, direct way. SMS allows organisations to send targeted messages to specific individuals, rather than broadcasting a message to a large group. This personalisation can be used to thank donors for their contributions, update them on the progress of a specific project, or invite them to an upcoming event.

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Text-to-Give Campaigns

Another way nonprofits can use SMS is through text-to-give campaigns. These campaigns allow donors to make a contribution by simply sending a text message. This is a quick and easy way for supporters to make a donation, and can also be used to raise money during emergencies or disaster relief efforts. Additionally, nonprofits can use SMS to send donation reminders, which can help increase overall donations.

Reaching Potential Supporters

In addition to communicating with donors and supporters, nonprofits can use SMS to reach potential supporters. SMS can be used to send informational messages about a specific cause, or to invite individuals to an event or volunteer opportunity.

Nonprofits can also use SMS to conduct surveys or gather feedback from supporters, which can help inform future strategies and campaigns.

Integrating SMS with Other Communication Channels

Nonprofit organisations should also consider using SMS in conjunction with other communication channels. For example, SMS can be used to confirm registration for an event, or to remind individuals to RSVP for an event. Additionally, SMS can be used to send updates or important information to individuals who have already signed up for an event or campaign.

Nonprofits can also leverage SMS to communicate with donors and supporters in a personal, direct way, conduct text-to-give campaigns, reach potential supporters and conduct surveys.

SMS is evidently a powerful tool for non-profits looking to reach more supporters and raise awareness for their cause.

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