It wasn’t that long ago that internet was confined mainly to Government and military use.  The first computers took up entire buildings with cables tangled throughout wall and floors, sucking up enormous quotas of power each day. Along came the bigger companies that could afford these monstrous and oversized computer systems to help run their businesses. The quickly realised the benefits to productivity and efficiency.


The humble telephone is not in high demand as it used to be, as now most information can be discovered on the internet. Messages can be sent via email or direct from a company’s website.  These messages arrive instantaneously to the receiver no matter what corner of the globe they reside in.  Amazing really how this technology works. No more waiting for a response from a letter mailed through the postal system. Documents can be uploaded onto a website or attached to email, upon request within minutes.

Of course running a website is not for the faint hearted.  It requires a lot of skill and patience. An experienced web designer is constantly upgrading or modifying how a website operates.  It is a constant changing tide that is showing no signs of ebbing.  This is where big business is happening and where successful companies are concentrating their advertising and promotions


Prospering businesses have certain skill sets that have enabled them to be successful in their industry.  These skills don’t always represent well when it comes to designing or maintaining their website.  With internet rapidly becoming the primary form of advertising and communication, business owners have realised they need the services of professional and experienced web designers who have a proficient and highly skilled design team. This team will optimize every word and phrase to bring their customers the results they have found necessary to continue being a successful and profitable business. This practise is referred to as ‘SEO’ – Search Engine Optimization.