WeChat Marketing: Your Fast Guide to Business

WeChat marketing could be on your radar, especially if your business wants to target Mailand Chinese audiences. With over 1 billion monthly active users, WeChat marketing can have a real impact on your business.

WeChat is a multipurpose platform. It can be used to play games, read the latest news, online shop, track fitness goals, make payments, and much more. All of these features, make WeChat an exceptionally-lucrative platform for businesses. As noted above, you can connect with consumers and leverage brand influence with Mainland China.

In this post, we will cover ways on how you or your brand can use WeChat.

What is WeChat?

WeChat basically enables users to send and receive messages, with a few other features thrown in there too. Some of WeChat’s other services include sharing pictures, stickers, videos and other content like online memes, blogs and news articles. There’s also the famous WeChat Moments feature, which makes it easy to share special moments with loved ones.

However, what makes WeChat so lucrative for marketers are features like WeChat Wallet, WeChat Pay and WeChat Stores. On WeChat Stores, enables users to interact with, shop and make payments to online and physical stores. In fact, you can even use WeChat Wallet to keep track of all your daily expenses too! You can also book services like a doctor’s appointment, book a flight, or even a taxi.

What makes WeChat so popular, is the fact that it combines all the functions that make life convenient. It’s almost like a compendium of services, similar to Amazon, Skype, Apple Wallet, Facebook, PayPal, Slack and more.

How to Use WeChat for Business

WeChat provides three different types of business accounts, also known as Official Accounts. There’s the enterprise account, the service account, and a subscription account. You’ll find that these are mostly used by business owners, government agencies and organizations, media companies, and celebrity figures.

While service accounts are known for being highly functional, subscription accounts offer better tools for messaging. Also, marketers don’t generally pay much attention to enterprise accounts, as they’re mostly used by large organizations.

  • Subscription Accounts: With a subscription account, you can only broadcast one message to your subscribers all day.
  • Service Accounts: Here, you’ll get access to a maximum of 4 broadcast messages on a monthly basis, which will appear on the friend session list. Once your account has been verified, you’ll get access to the WeChap Pay application, and will also get 9 advanced APIs.
  • Enterprise Accounts: With an enterprise account, you’ll have access to all the bells and whistles, including specialized business tools and messaging, but the only catch is that it’s exclusive to users in Mainland China.

How to Use WeChat for Marketing

WeChat marketing can be used for several purposes, including customer engagement and interaction.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of WeChat’s marketing features.

Location-Based Marketing

As you may know, location-based targeting is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy. When you use an Official WeChat Service Account, you’ll have access to specialized location detection features.

A good example of a company that has used this WeChat marketing strategy well, is a food delivery service called OrderIn from South Africa.

This company uses WeChat marketing to provide its users with location-based restaurant recommendations. Through this service, customers can use WeChat to look through different menus, make an order, and confirm delivery times.

Basically, OrderIn takes the online food ordering experience to another level, allowing customers to do everything via WeChat – all without the need to even take out their wallet.

Personalized Content Curation

Image by Jing Daily

Large multinational publications such as the The Wall Street Journal, Vogue China, The Huffington Post and The New York Times, are all leveraging WeChat marketing to extend their reach. As such, they use their Official Accounts on the platform to promote content on a daily basis.

However, BuzzFeed just took it to a whole other level, with enhanced customization features that enable subscribers to choose the type of content that they want to receive from the publication. Users can then share the content with friends and family via WeChat Moments or daily chats, which gives BuzzFeed an even wider reach.

Customer Engagement

WeChat marketing offers almost unlimited possibility when it comes to customer engagement.

Companies can use it to promote their products through carefully curated campaigns that contain highly shareable keywords.

Not only will these keywords be synonymous with the campaign, but if they’re good, and the content around them is good, then they can seriously drive engagement, conversions and overall reach.

QR Codes

Image by Prada

Each Official Account within the WeChat platform comes with an automatically created QR code, as well as a scanner that you can use to customize your QR codes for increased functionality and versatility.

For instance, you can take a page out of Korea’s E-mart chain store, whose marketing team embedded a QR code within a 3D sculpture.

Now, what makes the sculpture even more unique is that the QR code within it only appears at lunchtime; a time period is known for increased traffic when online shopping.

Plus, when customers scan the QR code, they’re then taken to the Official WeChat Account, which leads to a significant increase in both followers and sales for the company.

Final thoughts

Overall, WeChat marketing proves to be a versatile marketing platform. Anyone can use it as part of a larger social media marketing strategy.

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We invite you to look at our WeChat services. If you are looking to improve your sales in Mainland China, then WeChat is for you. Talk to one of our digital strategists to learn more.