Running Google Ads? You Need to Master your ‘Quality Score’


The most measurable indicator that helps us to optimize Google Search Ads campaigns is Quality Score.

Quality Score is on the Keyword Level. Google’s system will evaluate each keyword in your campaigns and give them an individual score. Why is this important? According to Google, Quality Score is one of the key factors affecting your ad rank and ad position, besides the bid price.

A good Quality Score can in turn help to minimize the required bid price, which ends up saving you money!

Where to Start with Google Ads Quality Score Factors?

Besides the bid price, Quality Score is the most effective way to improve your ad rank.

We all know Quality Score is a combination of 3 dimensions, Ad Relevance, Landing Page Experience and Expected CTR.  Here will show the basic but essential ways to improve your Quality Score.

Factor #1 – Can Ad Relevance affect Google Ads Quality Score?

Ad Relevance refers to how closely connected your keywords and ads are.

The first step toward creating relevant ads is putting similar keywords in the same ad group. You should then create ad copies for those similar keywords.

The most direct way is to put your keywords into the ad copy itself. Besides using Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) to expand to hundreds of ad groups, one much easier way is to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI).

DKI is a Google Search Ads feature that dynamically inserts your target keywords into a designated place within your ad. Just use the parameter {Keyword: } in your headlines and descriptions and Google will put the keywords into the copy.

DKI can improve your Quality Score and Ad Relevance. However, be careful that not all cases are suited for the use of DKI, like competitor campaigns for example. It will not only help your competitors by promoting their name in your ads, but also have the risk of getting sued by the competitors.


Factor #2 – Does Landing Page Experience Affect Your Google Ads Quality Score?

Google wants its audiences to have the best experience possible while using Google Search. So, they want the website in SERP to have a certain speed that will not give a negative experience to audiences.

Plus, nowadays people are keener on using mobile devices to search for things.

Therefore, Landing Page Experience will focus more on mobile page speed and mobile-friendly tests. This is especially important as your ad will link directly to your website. Google has a great tool called ‘Think With Google’. It is a way to benchmark Google ads you may be running and how successful they may be. It loads your website and gives technical suggestions on how to improve your website speed! Simply use it and pass the suggestions to your IT team.


Factor #3 – What about Expected CTR impacts your Google Ads Quality Score?

CTR is the most controllable parameter when it comes to an ad’s Quality Score and increasing the bid price. Google expects that audiences will be keen on clicking the first few websites in SERPs, and the position is key to the expected CTR. Although Google will not tell you the exact average ad position of your keywords, you can manage your best to improve the keywords expected CTR.

This will take up a large portion of your budget, so, reduce the worst performing keywords and focus your budget on keywords with high conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

These are the easy but essential steps to improving your Google Ads Quality Score. We hope that they can be useful in your campaigns!

If you have any questions about your Google Ads, be sure to reach out to us now so that you can speak with one of our Digital Strategists (100% free). In the meantime feel free to read over our Google Ad services too.