Intelligent use of keywords – not keyword stuffing


Keyword stuffing was a black hat SEO technique that many websites used in the past to improve page ranking. But, Google was quick enough to notice this and started punishing websites that continued with the practice.

In 2016, most of us have also experienced the growing focus Google has on enhancing viewer experience. However, there can be no doubt that keywords continue to be important to bring the customers to your website. Try putting in white text against a white background. Search engines will still read the content while viewers will see nothing unless they are intent on digging in and know how to do it.  This is just one of the several methods that professionals can employ to address keyword issues. Yet, they will use it with caution because frequent and repeated use will potentially attract penalties from Google. Using long tail keywords is another method to escape punishment from search engines.

Focus on quality content

Google keeps tweaking the algorithms at will and not all of them are shared with the world. But, one thing that most experts agree in 2016 is that quality of content that goes on page has gained significant traction in Google page ranking. Depending on the type of business, the article or blog posts or other social media engagements can be short or long. For instance a simple tweet ‘xxx mobile phone for $yyy’ targeted at the right audience can potentially bring an avalanche of visitors to your website. But, for another product this strategy may fail to deliver the results. If your digital marketing campaigns are handled by professional agencies, the wide ranging experience they have will help in optimal use of every channel that is available.

Use multiple techniques/technology

Enhancing viewer experience is at the core of Google’s business now. Making your content available across platforms like desktops and handheld devices is the best way to ensure that your message reaches the widest possible audience. One look at the growth of smart phones in the US and around the world tells us how the device has impacted our lives. The recent entry of Uber and other taxi hailing services into Cairo, the capital of Egypt is a shining example of how smart phones have become integral to progress in cities, towns and villages. Websites and businesses that are not accessible through mobile phones can potentially end up on the losing side.

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