3 Advertising Platforms Other Than Facebook

With years of development behind its elaborate algorithms and extensive data, Facebook has become a must-have advertising tool for all digital marketers. But despite it being such a powerful tool, it’s not easy for novices to get a good grasp of creating effective Facebook ads. Not to mention, Facebook as a platform is fiercely competitive and to get a significant return on investment, you need to target ads to specific customers while making them attractive enough to hold their attention. 

It has never been easy to increase your advertising revenue through social media platforms. But don’t worry – in this article we’re going to go over three other social media platforms that you can use alongside Facebook to help improve your brand’s return on investment. 

Instagram ads

Each day, users like Instagram posts more than 2.5 billion times. In Hong Hong itself, about 2.25 million people use Instagram on a regular basis – that’s about 30% of the total population. Companies establish connections with millions of users through Instagram ads as it provides one of the biggest audiences among all the social media platforms. 




Instagram facilitates a number of different ad formats including limited-time dynamic ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, featured set ads and ads in the “Explore” space. Instagram and Facebook use the same set of advertising tools, so if you already have a basic understanding of Facebook’s advertising platform, your skills can be easily transitioned. 

To grab the attention of viewers when they scroll down their feed, your Instagram ads need to include engaging pictures or videos and have some tangible benefit or attraction. Be careful not to write copy that’s too long, or it will reduce the average user’s attention span. The intention of text is key for an ad’s effectiveness. 

YouTube Advertising

If you’ve ever wondered why YouTube is one of the most recommended advertising platforms, the reason is simple. As the second most popular website in the world, the audience at your fingertips is huge. People are far more likely to watch an explanatory video than search up text-based content. A high-quality video advertisement on YouTube can be seen by users across various regions and bring explosive publicity to your brand. YouTube is a social media marketing platform with huge potential. 

One common misconception among many small and medium sized enterprises is that it is expensive to produce an advertisement video. In fact, a short, simple and informative video can be all you need to attract the attention of a huge crowd. Youtube even has its own editor that can help you quickly produce videos with virtually no effort. 

One of the advantages of YouTube is that it has a variety of advertising models, just like Instagram and Facebook, and gives you options to choose your audience. Pick what gender, age, and interest groups to target alongside specific keywords and more. This allows you to accurately distribute advertisements and deliver products to target customers. YouTube also allows you to set up remarketing lists to that potential customers won’t miss your product. 

Pinterest ads

Pinterest is a social platform that uses pictures as its main source of content. Over 300 million monthly active users explore this content to get inspired and creative. According to data from Shopify, it is the second largest source of referral site traffic. 




Pinterest can bring you popularity and traffic, and by using carefully crafted advertisements you can bring your content to more people and increase sales. You can promote your ads to certain uses that have similar behaviour to those who have visited your website, etc. 

But of course, Pinterest ads, just like those on Instagram, need to capture users’ attention quickly and effectively. In such a visually dominated social media platform, you need to make a seriously eye-catching picture and couple it with a short but snappy call to action (CTA), guide visitors, and more. 

To become a truly successful brand, you need to use various effective advertising platforms and strategies to reach out to as many potential customers as possible. If you want to know how to increase your sales and expand your business through digital marketing, contact us at First Page today and let our digital marketing experts help you achieve your goals. Make a start today!