Hong Kong Branding

Video Transcript

Hong Kong Branding – Travis

Hello, I am Travis, CEO of Hong Kong Branding. Hong Kong Branding is a local design and printing company. Our main business area is printed matter. Among them, Eli is the main product, because for many companies, Lee is a necessary promotional product. In view of this, we have chosen to invest a lot of time to develop profitable printing services. Hong Kong Branding differs from other companies in that we not only create unique designs for our customers, but also offer a wide range of products and designs to our customers.

Working with First Page is improving our exposure in the market. As the name implies, First Page represents the first page, so their ultimate goal is to push the keywords provided by the customer to the first position on the Internet search engine. So far, they have been able to achieve this goal. At the same time, they will also convert our company’s data into useful information and upload it on our company’s website and Facebook page. We only need to provide some simple information, they can organize the information together with the picture, GIF Uploading files to our website together makes the content more interesting and attracts more people to view company information.

In the past few years, with the help of First Page, our business volume and number of inquiries have increased significantly. In addition to Hong Kong, our company plans to develop business in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Shanghai in the future. We hope that First Page will continue to grow together with our business and events.