How To Make Images More SEO-Friendly

Video Transcript

Lars Maehler

Good morning everybody, I’m Lars, and I’m gonna talk to you today about how to make images a little bit more SEO friendly, from a nontechnical perspective, so you can take advantage of it as well. First things first, stop saving your images under standard filenames like IMG. Save your image as what the object really represents. Christmas tree ornaments, light sabers, notebooks. If there’s more than one keyword, separate them by dashes, it helps you out from an SEO perspective. Second point, remember this. The higher the quality, the larger the file size, the slower the load speeds. So Google penalizes slow load speeds, we all know that. Make sure there’s a nice balance there. Third point. I love putting caption boxes under images because it helps me to summarize what the image represents, and I can squeeze in a little bit more keywords there too. For more information, check in with our website. I’ll be there with you next week.