10 Reasons Why Your Site Must Be Mobile-Friendly

Mobile internet usage has eclipsed that of desktop usage. People are glued to their smartphones, browsing search engines, social networks, video and music platforms, all in the hope of acquiring requisite information at the touch of a button!

But what happens when your site isn’t responding? Here, we reveal 10 primary reasons why it’s imperative to make your site mobile-friendly:

1. Google Grants Priority to Mobile-Friendly Sites…

…as opposed to those that can’t be found in mobile search results. In 2015, Google’s new algorithm altered the way in which Google displays its mobile search results. Due to such, websites that are optimised for mobile devices possess greater potential when it comes to ranking higher than those sites that aren’t optimised.

2. Everyone, Everywhere, Uses Mobile Devices

Mobiles are now used to do anything, from quick internet scans to purchasing expensive products or services. This is because it’s both quick and easy to do. Consumers are always looking for a way to connect and do it easily. You must be able to offer your customers an immediate service.

3. Create Credibility Among Customers, Influencers and Clients Within Your Industry

When you have a mobile-friendly website, anyone who visits your website on a mobile device will have an enhanced user experience. This will help them view your company website as a credible source of information on what is being offered.

4. It’s Now Standard Practice

Many company websites are mobile-friendly, and this number is only increasing each day. Responsive web design has allowed mobile optimisation to become a more simple process for everyone. This means consumers have begun to expect this ease of functionality when visiting a company website.

5. Customers are Easier and Faster to Reach

Creating a mobile-friendly website automatically opens up your consumer base to anyone who is making online searches. Additionally, customers don’t have to search for long to find your website – all they have to do is type it in Google and gain quick access to your page.

6. Your Customers Will Be Happier

An accessible site makes for a happy user. When customers are looking for something you sell, they want the website experience to be outstanding. As many people only use their mobile device for internet searches, only a mobile-friendly website can provide this fantastic experience.

7. Google Wants You to Do This

Webmasters understand that if Google wants you to do something, you should really go ahead and do it. Google has reiterated why mobile-friendly websites are so important, the main reason being that everyone is using smart phones to search.

8. A Seamless, Attractive Site on Any Device

Given you use a responsible web design to create or redesign your website, you’re sure to attain a seamless and well-presented site regardless of the visitor’s device. Don’t take chances when it comes to mobile optimisation. Regardless of the device a user uses to view your website, having a responsive web design assures your site’s able to respond with seamless functionality.

9. It Boosts Your Reputation

Whether you’re online or offline, a mobile-friendly site can boost your reputation. Consumers will recognise a website if they’ve had an outstanding experience with it. They’ll also notice the website for all the wrong reasons if they’ve had a bad experience with it. A positive reputation is imperative in the digital age, especially since no one can afford the repercussions of providing users with a poor user experience.

10. Keeping Up With The Times

As the digital world is rapidly moving, keeping your site up-to-date is incredibly important. Ensure your site is both modern and relevant, which in the present, means having a responsive and engaging website, which customers actually find useful. This may encompass, providing valuable, unique and useful products or services on the market. Mobile sites are cutting-edge, contemporary and sleek, and they also help you get in the door with any smartphone user.

We hope you’ve gained a greater understanding of the importance of mobile-friendly websites. To enhance your brand reputation, discover How Your Business Blog Can Help, or find out Why Are Advertisers Switching to Digital Advertising? – you’ll be surprised!