Tuttee Academy: Working With First Page

Video Transcript

Colin – Director of Tuttee Academy
Hello, my name is Colin. I am the director of Tuttee Academy. So basically, we mainly provide a brand-new, much more personalized learning experience for our students, specifically for the subject of science and mathematics. Well, basically, we have been focusing mainly on referrals among our students and parents and we think that we want to let more people and more students and more parents to know about us, because we want to help every single of our students to do their best in their public examinations and their performance on the subject. So that’s why we think of like, hey, we should get someone to help us to let more people know about our service, our vision, our core values online.

Working with First Page was a very amazing experience because I would say, different from other marketing agencies, we did approach several agencies at the beginning, but I think First Page did give us a really good impression. I think the major reason I would say, first of all, they gave us a very personalized, very tailor-made and specific suggestions and strategies to us on how to grow our business, to let more people know about us online. The suggestions for our website, how will be the campaigns. The whole thing should be worked out before we actually come to a partnership. Unlike some other agencies where they’re just directly showing us the figures, how amazing they are, but with First Page really focusing on us, helping us toward specific actions and strategies, on how to grow online. So I think that’s something that very impressed us.