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Payton – Sakura Home Services
I am Payton, the founder of Sakura Home Service Co., Ltd. My company is mainly to help customers to to eliminate formaldehyde from their newly renovated houses. Formaldehyde is a chemical substance which easily develops childhood blood cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and fetal malformation. Our company uses Japanese technology to eliminate formaldehyde. I speak Japanese and personally went to Japan to sign two or three agency back. Electric catalyst, photocatalyst, air catalyst and glucosamine, these 4 methods can effectively reduce the indoor formaldehyde to the lowest level. Our main customer base is from newly renovated houses with children. In terms of searching for words, I know that the competition between experts is very intense. The cost of formaldehyde removal will be higher, so I found First Page in order to save the cost. This company is very powerful and can successfully push the page to the first page within just half a year.

Other experts are so surprised why there is a way to do it. I think they will send a file to me for more professional. In terms of content, they will send me a document. Let me know which words have no need to change. I don’t need to worry about this. I also follow their instructions to put words back on the webpage. This saves me a lot of time. From time to time, they will come to our company to report and follow up on the current situation. As I have no time to check my own ranking every day, they will talk with me about the latest situation about every three months or every six month. This is how I appreciate them.