Path of Victors: Working With First Page

Video Transcript

Sophia Chan-Yap P.K. – Path of Victors
Hi. I’m Sophia the CEO and co-founder of Path of Victors. Path of Victors is a global business reality show for entrepreneurs and investors. Through Path of Victors we hope to help entrepreneurs to raise smart money and to become unicorns. Path of Victors looks at attracting international entrepreneurs and investors to Hong Kong at the epicenter of invention, entrepreneurship, innovation, and transformative technology. We hope to help entrepreneurs to access billion dollar markets through our platform. At Path of Victors we get to meet our professional investors, who are venture capitalists, angel investors as well as very importantly, industrialists. Our professional investors can help you to gain for the market access, apart from providing money, as well as helping you giving available advice how to expand your business. These investors are not only able to give you money for your business but also they’re able to provide market access as well as advice on how to expand your business and to access different markets. We’re looking for digital marketing agency that can help us reach the right entrepreneurs who want to come to Hong Kong and to the Greater Bay Area in China. That’s why First Page will be an awesome partner. And like the helpful analytics that they provide so that we can fine tune our social media marketing strategy. We’ve just finished broadcasting our season one and the response was totally overwhelming. It’s been great working with First Page in season one and we look forward to working together in the next season.