Link Building: 5 Reasons Why It’s Integral to Digital Success

Sure, you’ve heard the term ‘Link Building’ before. But what does it actually mean? More importantly, why is it integral to digital success?

Link building is the acquisition of inbound links to your business’s website from other websites. The reason for undertaking link building is to create better website and page rankings for specific keywords on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Additionally, link building helps drive greater numbers of organic searches and referral traffic to a website, while overall building greater brand awareness.

Here, we explain what link building is, and 5 major reasons why it’s imperative to digital success.

1. Improved Search Engine Performance


Building links is a renowned method for working with Google’s algorithm to improve a company’s search rankings by increasing its domain authority.

According to Andrey Lipattsev, Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist, it is one of the three most proven methods of increasing domain authority, alongside content and RankBrain, Google’s artificial intelligence system. Domain authority is the analysis of how well a website ranks on SERP. The higher the ranking, the better.

When a website holds more links from high-authority websites leading to it, it becomes a more trusted entity through association as viewed by Google.

2. Enhanced Referral Traffic


Another important benefit of utilising link building in your digital strategy is the way in which it increases referral traffic. Each link created means another way users can view your website. If you are creating relevant links at the forefront of your strategies, you’ll receive more targeted traffic as a redirect from a similar website.

Content marketing and link building work well together. Quality web content has a greater chance of receiving links from trustworthy websites. Content marketing is also important for link building through the creation of blog posts, infographics and guest posts.

These are popular methods of link building which are great for boosting traffic, not only through organic searches, but also through different access points if you have created quality content that other people want to share.

3. Create Business Relationships


Producing an effective link building strategy involves creating relationships with other businesses online.

Whether utilising websites or blogs in your industry, it can always assist a company’s other marketing endeavours. For example, link building can be used to amplify content, blog posts and social media posts.

Additionally, it creates the potential for promoting a business’s products and services to a wider audience.

4. Enhance Brand Awareness


When link building, not only is more traffic generated for that site, but it also enhances a company’s brand awareness through greater exposure to content, resources or articles from a company’s website to other websites.

The acquisition of new audiences from link building efforts through resource pages, social media, PR and guest posting is an important contribution to enhancing brand reputation and visibility.

If the content you create is linked by other websites that are trustworthy, people will associate your brand with industry expertise. In particular, if a website with high rankings in Google’s search results links your website; this is especially beneficial.

5. Show Your Competitive Side


Your competition is most likely to have a pre-existing link building strategy in place. Therefore, it is imperative to keep updated with digital marketing strategies to ensure you have a competitive edge wherever possible.

This method identifies relevant keywords for a product or service, before determining whether a site is ranking for these keywords. If a site isn’t ranking for these keywords, additional resources are employed to identify the main sources as to where these links are coming from.

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