SEM Explained: What Affects Ad Result Rankings?

Video Transcript

Carman — CPC & Quality Score

Hello everyone, I am Carman from First Page. I believe many people will have a question about placing SEM ads. What factors will affect the ranking of search results? In fact, there are two major influencing factors. The first is CPC (Cost Per Click), which means that we charge per click, and the second is Quality Score. The Quality Score contains many elements, such as the relevance of the advertisement and the history of the website. And whether the website is easy to use, speed testing, etc. will affect Quality Score.

I will explain the relationship between CPC and Quality Score. Quality Score is the rating that Google gives to your website. When you hold a high score, even if you only pay a small amount of money, your advertisement will still rank first. Conversely, if you are given a low score by Google, even if you are willing to spend more money, your ad will not rise to the top. If you want to know more about digital marketing tips, please visit our website to find out more!