Which is better? Shopify or Wix

Whether you are an upcoming entrepreneur or a thriving online retailer, you must have heard of Shopify or Wix. If you haven’t, then maybe online retail is not for you! Just kidding! This article will be useful to all and sundry who are wishing to grow their sales online.

Shopify and Wix are used by business owners that need an online store for either small or large products. Both are easy ways for people to set up their shop in the cloud.

The great thing with Shopify or Wix, is that one can build an online shopfront using drag and drop tools. It it so simple! Of course you can use professional website designer to further enhance your Shopify or Wix site.

Choices are many when it comes to eCommerce. Although, either platform is relatively easy to use, which one should you choose?

Choosing the right platform for your needs will have implications in the long run. Although Shopify and Wix share certain capabilities, Shopify wins the contest if you’re primarily interested in ecommerce capability. Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

Many have been torn between which is better, Wix or Shopify, so we’ll try to answer the question to the best of our abilities in this guide.  

What is Wix?

Have a small selection of goods for sale? Then Wix could be for you. Wix is for business owners who want to have fewer than 300 products for sale. It is a perfect tool for users that want a simpler way to build an online store.

The proof of this is that is comes with over 600 templates to build a website. It doesn’t require any special skills or hiring web developers.

However, Wix is ideally a website builder for small or medium eCommerce businesses. The builder has accumulated 100 million registered users across the world. It also has the largest number of customers in the US (57%), followed by the UK (6%) and Canada (6%), according to statistics. 

Wix has many advantages: it allows you to create a custom, small online store, promotion banners, and sell products. It’s also affordable and customized to a large extent depending on how large or small your business needs are.

What is Shopify?

We can tell you that Shopify is far better than any other online business store platform. With Shopify, you can sell multiple products, handle shipping, offer different kinds of payment options, etc., unlike Wix. If you have more than 300 products, then consider Shopify.

Shopify is the best solution for users who need an online store. You might not see it as easier to use because of its complex configuration requirement, but this experience with people entails that you only need a few options to create your first store in minutes. 

Setting up a Shopify store is a serious affair and users will need time to configure everything, although it is easier to add products, and it has tutorial links for beginners. In terms of themes and flexibility, Shopify has over 50 of the best eCommerce templates. They look great on mobiles and desktops for users. 

Wix or Shopify: Which one should you go for?

As a business owner, whether you choose Wix or Shopify, eCommerce is based on the number of products you intend to sell online.

For example, it may not be easier when editing the front end of your site with Wix, especially with its drag-and-drop option, while Shopify is easy to use, especially when you need to manage your inventory, but it can be heavy for minute details. 

Also, Wix offers free access to build a store, but there is a paid plan which is affordable and has many features, while Shopify only gives a short free trial before moving to the paid stage, and for large stores which require advanced features worth a higher cost.

A Wix based online store

Why You Should Pick Wix

You should pick Wix because it remains the better option for content-driven websites. It is difficult to pick between Wix or Shopify, but below are some good reasons to pick Wix.

Wix pricing

  • Wix has a number of pricing plans. In the US, eight paid plans are available. These are divided into three categories: Website, Enterprise, Business, and E-commerce. If you are outside of the US, the pricing is quite similar, but plans might be different.

Storage space

  • This varies according to plan. Your plan will cost more if you need more storage space for more media types.

Large template selection

  • With the Wix editor’s default settings, you may select from over 800 gorgeous templates for your eCommerce business and change them with whatever content you like. Both novices and experts may benefit from the variety of built-in dynamic templates, which range from homepages to product pages to landing sites. Wix has more than 70 free templates, all of them are trendy and cool.

Inbuilt drag-and-drop feature

  • Wix’s core functionality is the drag-and-drop feature, which makes it incredibly user-friendly. Wix is now rather simple to use and open to users of all ability levels, whether novice, moderate, or expert. By enhancing the style and functionality of your outdated website, it has the ability to turn it into a true powerhouse.

Integration of an online store

  • Adding an online store to your website is free of charge. Wix is simple to use, so integrating an online store is straightforward. Furthermore, you don’t even require an outside shopping option.

SEO guidance

  • Wix assists you in optimizing your online store for search engine optimization by highlighting areas that need more focus. It allows you to edit each page’s URL and add keyboard tags and information, which makes it ideal for Google optimization.

Shopify offers some great templates

Why You Should Pick Shopify

Considering when you look at what you get for your money, Shopify gives business owners a strong online store that can increase sales and conversions, reduce administrative tasks, and analyze valuable management data. Advantages of picking a Shopify are below;

Features that make eCommerce easier

Shopify is made exclusively for online shops. It has practical capabilities for an online business to handle every step of the sales process. Additionally, it features more storage management capabilities, interfaces with third-party platforms, shopping carts, and payment methods than you can imagine (more than 100). Due to Shopify’s tremendous scalability, you can grow along with your expanding company needs.

Quick setup

  • If you want to set up your online e-store, it’s easier and quicker to do that on Shopify.

Strong security and constant reliability

  • Since E-commerce involves handling people’s private information, Shopify is secure and reliable, ensuring the full security of its users. 

Mobile functionality

  • Shopify has made it easier for users to use mobiles with great themes and designs.

Custom domain name

  • With a custom domain name, you may more effectively brand your eCommerce store and company. On the same website as the domain shop, it enables domain management. In turn, this functionality makes it simple for you to manage your domain while making adjustments.

Shopify’s app store

  • This app store has almost all eCommerce plugins because it is such a well-known platform. Shopify offers distinctive marketing and content management services as free or expensive add-ons. A good illustration is an augmented reality feature that enables people to quickly browse with their cellphones and view every last detail.

Faster checkout options

  • Shopify has worked hard to improve the login and checkout processes for consumers. Before making checkout required, voluntary, or restricted, new users may register. Additionally, creating a user account is simple; all you need to do is enter the required information.

Unmatched Built-In Analytics

  • Shopify goes above and beyond by offering a plethora of built-in analytics features. These include Google Analytics, stock levels, lead tracking, conversion tracking, client behavior, etc. You have all the data to determine how well your eCommerce store is performing.

FAQs about Shopify vs. Wix

Is Shopify cheaper than Wix?

Actually, Shopify is more expensive than Wix due to the number of products it accommodates.

What types of products do they support?

Both Shopify and Wix support physical, digital, and service products. 

Can Shopify or Wix go with various brands?

Yes, both options can help you build an online presence for any niche you want to focus on. 

Is it better to use Wix or Shopify?

Wix is more affordable for small businesses that have limited products. It has plenty of features you can use, but you may want to move to Shopify if you plan to scale to a larger business. Both are exceptional for eCommerce stores.

Is Shopify easier to use than Wix?

Both platforms are easy to learn how to use, but both have unique preference points. For instance, Shopify is brilliant if you have an online store that you plan to expand in the future. Wix is better if you have only a few products, and your main focus on the site is content creation.

Final Thoughts

I hope that the above comparison on Shopify vs Wix will help you figure out what both platforms entail, and help you make a decision based on what you would need for your online business in the future. Undoubtedly, the one you will pick is dependent on your business and what you’re looking to achieve with the technology.  

We hope that the above comparison on Shopify vs Wix will help you figure out what both platforms entail. I can help you make a decision based on what you would need for your online business in the future. Undoubtedly, the one you will pick is dependent on your business and what you’re looking to achieve with the technology.  

If you need assistance with determining the best platform for your sales strategy, feel free to contact us. We have an expert team that can help establish your online store, whether it’s Wix or Shopify.

Make sure you start on a online sales CMS platform that will stead you well for the long term. Investing wisely upfront, will save you more in the long run.

If you have the means, time, and technical knack, we highly recommend Shopify.

Shopify is a well rounded platform, and its technology continues to develop. It can scale well. This is important as your store grows and grows!

Maybe you already have an online store? If so, and you need more traffic and therefore sales, please review our eCommerce SEO and Shopify SEO services.