5 of the Best Time-Saving Apps and Tools for Digital Marketers

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The work of a digital marketer never stops, which is why applications and tools that help you save time are an absolute blessing. Having a world of tools at your fingertips 24/7 can ensure that you’re at the top of your game while still allowing for some much-needed downtime.

However, with new productivity apps and programs being released on a daily basis, it can be difficult to figure out which will be best suited to your needs. To save you yet another task to heap on top of your already intimidating workload, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best time-saving tools and apps that are sure to make your working day much easier.

1. Motoread

We all know how busy everyday life can get. In between commuting, family, friends, work and all of life’s other responsibilities, time can slip away so easily. Often it feels like there aren’t enough hours in one day to get everything done, especially when it comes to reading up on the latest news and blog posts.

Motoread makes catching up on content easier than ever. The app allows you to import your online articles, make a playlist and listen to them like podcasts, which is perfect for when you’re on the go or stuck in traffic. The app even allows you to adjust the speed faster or slower so you can catch up on articles at your own pace.

Motoread supports over 25 languages and is currently available on the App Store, Safari Extension Gallery and Chrome Web Store with an Android version set to launch soon.

Get it here!

2. Lumen5


Every digital marketer knows how time-consuming video creation and captioning can be, especially if you’re not a professional videographer. Video is a vital element to any digital marketing strategy, with 64% of users more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Lumen5 is a tool that can easily transform any blog post or article you’ve written into a captioned video to share across your social networks. All you need to do is input a blog post, and Lumen5’s artificial intelligence system will assist you in summarising the content while matching each section to relevant video clips, photos and music.

This handy tool will save you hours and has the potential to make your brand hundreds through new business. Find it here.

3. Astro

There’s nothing more distracting than constantly being bombarded with emails throughout your work day and having to check them so you don’t miss anything important. Plus, it’s way too easy to get off course from your priority tasks to respond to the ever-increasing queries in your inbox.

Enter Astro, an AI-powered assistant that combines your email and calendar together. Astro helps you to prioritise your emails while keeping your inbox organised. Take control of your emails with a Priority Inbox option, reminder setting, snooze, and a simple unsubscribe feature for all those services you didn’t even realise you were subscribed to.

Easily linked to your Gmail or Office 365 account, Astro is intuitive, clean and unbelievably helpful. Download it here today!

4. Dashlane

How often do you attempt to log in to a website or service you use occasionally, only to realise that you’ve completely forgotten the password? Keeping track of every single password you use across the web is a near impossible task, unless you’re happy resetting your password each time you log in.

Dashlane is an extremely helpful password manager tool. Not only does it store every password you use as you log in, it also generates unique passwords for each account to protect your data and identity. With its cross-device capabilities, you never have to get stuck without your login details again.

Get Dashlane here.

5. Pocket

Are you also guilty of copying and pasting a link into your phone notes every time you find an article/social post/image that you want to refer back to later, only to have so many links in there already that you never actually find it again? You need to download Pocket right now.

Pocket lets you save articles, images, videos and pretty much anything else to the app from your browser or other compatible apps. All of your content will be kept in the same neat and tidy list for you to access later with no internet connection required. Pocket is the equivalent of keeping a scrapbook of newspaper clippings with you at all times, but infinitely more convenient.

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