Once upon a time, it was all about pushing as many advertisements as possible onto younger members of the community, attempting to get them addicted to a brand at an early stage. These days, it’s all about getting in touch with these audiences in an engaging, value-driven way—enter content marketing.

These are the days where people want to be able to interact with brands and establish long-term relationships with them. Businesses who are effectively realising this are making use of content strategies to reach out. This method creates unsurpassed brand loyalty, credibility and positions them as “experts” in their own field. Simply, content marketing is able to grant brand success in a way that has never been so authentic.

How do you know you’re relaying the right message with the right audience?

Data and media is so comprehensive in today’s age, that all businesses should be able to foresee trends, acknowledge critical information and target their campaigns to suit. Content marketing strategies are able to tell stories that relate to specific audiences, resonating with them on a deeper level. Those who choose to share, respond or click through to a story are showing you’ve hit the nail on the head.

It’s all about content personalisation

People consume content at an unimaginable rate, which makes it incredibly hard for marketers to craft compelling and engaging stories to match this. Think about what your target audience is likely to care about most. Are they thinkers, doers or game-changers? What captures their attention? What turns their heads? What makes them angry and what makes them jump with joy? Use all of these emotions and motives to create stories that build relationships between you both.

Content creates trust

In a recent survey, it was found that a third of consumers are more likely to purchase a product from a brand whose content is not primarily promotional and of a “salesy” tone. Creating targeted, unique and fresh copy will help you to contribute something to the lives of those reading it; it shows you’ve got something to actually offer, rather than simply talking at the audience.

In its simplest form, content is well and truly still king.