Why You Should Combine Your SEO and PPC Campaigns

Although people tend to use their pay-per-click services (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) separately, there are a number of benefits in combining the two. They both aid in the way that people find your website, and can heighten the lead conversions when harnessed correctly. Simply put, they can greatly complement each other and lead you to a stronger campaign.

Still not convinced? Here’s a breakdown of the areas where you can benefit from rolling your PPC and SEO efforts together.

Boost Your Visibility

One of the most obvious reasons why combining PPC and SEO can be beneficial towards campaigns is the boost that it can give you in appearing higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). By optimising your campaign using SEO and enhancing the opportunity for it be seen by a wider audience using PPC, you could soon be experiencing traffic increases, thereby helping you to establish yourself within your industry/market.

Search Habits

The main reason why people invest in PPC services is to not only be seen more readily in Google rankings, but to also understand the way that potential customers search for your products/services.

Wider Reach

PPC works by being featured at the top of a Google search for relevant keywords targeted by your campaign. This means that your website will reach a wider audience and expose you to main target audiences who are specifically searching for your product/service.

Stronger Keyword Data

Running both campaigns simultaneously can also allow you to gain double the data. This means that you have more to analyse in terms of what generates leads (and eventually conversions). It can allow you to see what elements of your campaign are working, and what needs to be reviewed. Determine which keywords are influencing a higher conversion rate, optimise your content accordingly and reap the benefits of a strong and detailed campaign.

Creating Stronger SEO Content

Probably the most beneficial aspect to combining PPC and SEO is the ability to determine the keywords that lead to results, and being able to use this information in refining your future SEO content. By enlisting your PPC ads to find out what leads to conversions, you can better optimise your tags, descriptions and keywords that are used throughout your SEO content, thereby boosting the way you gain organic results.

If you have the room in your budget to include SEO and PPC campaigns, it can be highly beneficial towards achieving refined and result-driven content that converts target customers.