Aron Frost

Can I choose my own keywords for an SEO campaign?

We welcome suggested keyword lists and will make alternate suggestions for the ones that are not achievable. However, you are… Read More

Aron Frost

Can you guarantee a specific keyword?

Keyword difficulty is measured on a scale from 0-100. Anything over 40-50 starts to become more difficult to rank and… Read More

Aron Frost

Do you have other clients in my industry? How do you make sure that you act in my best interest?

It is unavoidable that in some cases we will be working with clients in the same industry. However, we take… Read More

Aron Frost

Will you work together with my I.T. team to help with the technical implementation? What does your consultation include?

Absolutely – we welcome your I.T. team to work with us when any onsite adjustments are made. For in-house teams,… Read More

Aron Frost

How can you help me in a website revamp? When should I involve you?

Website revamps are a great way to improve the experience your potential customers have when they visit your website. If… Read More

Aron Frost

How many months does it take to rank on the first page?

Unlike SEM, which brings exposure as soon as you pay money to run ads, SEO takes a while to gain… Read More

Aron Frost

If all the onsite work is complete after 1.5 months, what will you do for the rest of the 12 months?

There is much more to an SEO campaign that the initial first onsite adjustments. Every month, you will receive a… Read More

How do I check my competitor traffic?

To gain knowledge of a competitor’s traffic, you can use a third-party tool like Similarweb. Similarweb enables you to see… Read More

How do I check my backlinks on Google?

You can check your backlinks using Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a dedicated tool that assists webmasters improve… Read More

How do I check backlinks?

You can check backlinks using third party applications like the ones offered by Moz and Ahrefs. Backlinks from reputable websites… Read More

Aron Frost

How can I check my website visitors?

To check your website’s visitors you can use Google Analytics. This product, developed by Google, gives you… Read More

Aron Frost

What do our digital marketing specialists do?

Each SEO campaign has at least one dedicated digital marketing specialist whose job is to monitor its success, ensure… Read More

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