5 Digital Video Trends That Will Boost Your Brand’s Engagement

Did you know that one-third of online activity is spent watching video? Video marketing is a fast-growing sensation, whereby the visualisation of information has become an integral part of the digital age. 83% of businesses who use video marketing report a significant return on investment.

It’s expected that the world will have more than five billion mobile users by 2019, while eMarketer predicts that digital ad spending will outgrow the share of TV ad spending within the next three years. With an increasing use of mobile devices for online engagement, it’s imperative to ensure your brand targets mobile users – and that’s where video comes in.

Video marketing has the renowned potential to amplify conversion rates and sales. According to Moovly, having a video embedded in your website means you’re 53 times more likely to appear in Google’s top search results. This prominent form of content marketing allows brands to take a strategic and more personalised approach.

Whether you’re an independent brand or a large corporation, visuals are a phenomenal communication tool. Illustrate your sales process, share your core values and most importantly, connect with your audience.

Unlike other mediums, videos allow brands to become storytellers. Show emotion, elect representatives to share your brand’s vision and build trust in your consumer. According to think with Googlemore than 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

Through unique marketing videos fitting for your company, you can intensify your brand’s reach. To inspire upcoming digital content, here are 5 trending types of videos to include in your next marketing plan.


1. Paid Video Ads

Set to skyrocket, video and classifieds presently account for two of the biggest platforms in digital marketing. It’s anticipated that mobile ads will generate $38 billion in revenue by 2019, and 70% of marketers are already onboard.

Facebook? YouTube? Twitter? LinkedIn? Paid advertising is your gateway to instant results. Take complete control over your marketing campaign as you target searchers with the calculated potential to become consumers. Boost your paid advertising campaign across major social networks, and you can expect significant sales conversions.

Paid video ads prove a profitable return on investment with measurable sales. Experiment with content and analyse results, which will help your brand to establish a target audience – essential for strategic planning.


2. 360 Degree Videos


Take your audience on a journey with this new immersive technology, which enables your brand to tell a story. With 360-degree videos, your viewers will feel as if they’re right there with you.

This fresh form of video marketing adheres to the classic technique of ‘show, don’t tell’. Following test studies, Google affirms that 360 videos “had a higher click-through rate”. As 360 videos motivate viewers to interact, these studies also reveal greater engagement.

Whether driving your viewers to flip their phone upside down or simply swipe across, 360 videos offer a distinguished point of view sure to set your brand apart.


3. Captioned Videos

Since 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound, captioned videos are becoming widespread. So with or without the sound turned on, your viewer is still engaged.

With captioned videos, you attain the best of both worlds: clear communication and major SEO benefits. High-quality captioned videos are more visible to search engine sites, such as Google and Bing. By simply using subtitles and overprints, you enable search engines to detect keywords. This translates into a greater search engine ranking.

And as a bonus, videos with a full transcription rank higher in YouTube (that means Google too).


4. Live Streaming

Exciting, exclusive and easily accessible, live streaming is your go-to for increased engagement and interaction. Regardless of your live stream being immersive or just conversational, this personalised form of marketing is phenomenal for connecting with your audience.

According to Forbes, live streaming creates a ‘sense of urgency’ that ‘actually translates into paid customers’.

Go behind the scenes of your enterprise, conduct an interview or even shout out to your followers. Live streaming is an exceptional way to express your brand, and through its personification, comes greater trust in your viewer and subsequently, a larger audience.


5. Explainer Videos

Otherwise known as ‘sales process videos’, explainer videos illustrate the product or service a company provides within minutes. Successful explainer videos are sharp, short and of course, visually appealing.

There are many opportunities for an effective explainer video. Perhaps you’d like to show what your company’s about, illustrate the benefits of a new product, or introduce your passionate team. Recent studies show that after watching a brand’s explainer video, a staggering 81% are influenced to buy their service or product.

Explainer videos are an insightful, simple yet powerful tool to improve credibility and unquestionably escalate engagement. Simply put, they’re an awesome visual tool for selling your brand.


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