4 Chinese Digital Marketing Trends Predicted for 2018

New year, new digital marketing strategy: 2018 is predicted to be a year of innovation and growth on the digital marketing front in China, so now’s the time to get ahead and start planning out your year.

Stay ahead of the pack by considering these pointers as a part of your digital marketing strategy this year. You’ll be reaching your goals in no time!

1. Mobile optimisation is a priority



By the end of 2017, 96.3% of Chinese people had used a mobile device to access the internet. This number increased from 95.1%, which was the total at the conclusion of 2016.

It’s evident to see that mobile usage is continually expanding in China. Harnessing its popularity should be an essential element of any digital marketing strategy. To improve user engagement and conversion, ensure that your website is user-friendly on all platforms including mobile, desktop and tablet.

If your customers visit a slow, clunky mobile site on their smartphone, chances are they’ll just turn to your competitor. This is the year of mobile optimisation, so this should be a primary focus of your strategy.

2. WeChat is a powerful tool



Out of all the mobile marketing tools, WeChat is the favourite of Chinese companies — the instant messaging app is used by 75.5% of advertisers. As of November 2017, WeChat had 902 million daily logged-in users.

Tapping into instant messaging advertising can help digital marketers capture a niche market by providing high quality, customised content. You can also consider using WeChat as a way of communicating with prospective customers. For example, you can provide a chat option to encourage customers to get in touch with questions, feedback and concerns.

3. Embracing AI



It’s predicted that artificial intelligence and machine learning will see a massive surge this year with China at the helm. China plans to become an industry leader in AI by 2030, and has recently signed on to build a technology park in Beijing dedicated to AI development research.

AI has the potential to advance audience targeting, customer support and creativity in marketing, allowing humans to effectively and efficiently complete their tasks with an element of scientific precision. Incorporating bots into a chat feature on your site is a simple and accessible way of including AI in your digital marketing strategy this year.

4. Video marketing continues to gain traction



As of June 2016, China had the largest number of online video viewers in the world. Clocking in at over 450 million viewers, this number comprised 80% of the internet-connected population — and it’s only grown since then.

Micro-videos (named after the fact that they can be produced and posted quickly) and live-streaming have become extremely popular in China. For example, Meipai is a video-sharing platform that receives almost eight billion views per month. Harnessing the power of video marketing will be a highly effective way to engage your target audience in 2018, so get creating!