7 Things To Do That Will Make Staying At Home Fun

In the time of social distancing and self-isolation, looking for ways to pass time while staying at home can be hard. In situations like this, comfort and distractions that can spark joy are more important than ever. Here, we’ve rounded up 7 activities that will keep you busy and entertained while you are staying safe at home. 

1.Tidy up and declutter your house 

The thought of cleaning and decluttering your space as a fun activity might sound dry and evendaunting, but if you put your mind to it, tidying up can be very an extremely therapeutic activity. After all, your home is where you should feel the most relaxed. So, take advantage of the time you are spending at home and do the chores you’ve been putting off for a while. Thoroughly clean your living space, go through and organize your bookcase and drawers, and once you’ve culled all your belongings, consider donating what you no longer want or need. 


2.Watch movies/TV shows

Now that most people are working from home, the fine line between work and personal space is easily blurred. Despite all cinemas being closed, you can still watch movies in the comfort of your own home. De-stress and pass time by re-watching some of your old favorites, or go on a crazy netflix binge during a long weekend. This is the perfect way to lose yourself in a fantasy world for a few hours and take some pressure off your shoulders. 


3. Cook your own meals 

As social distancing and self-isolating is becoming the norm, take this chance to improve your kitchen skills. If you don’t usually cook at home, now is the time to start. There are many step-by-step tutorials online that offer foolproof tips from cooking enthusiasts or professional chef’s, you’ll be serving delicious and healthy meals like a professional in no time!


4. Read a book

Do you have books on your to-read list that you’ve never quite gotten around to because of your busy schedule? Now you are staying at home, take this opportunity to dive into the books you’ve been wanting to read for years or revisit one of your old favorites. Not sure where to start? You don’t need to find a classic masterpiece, or start with long novels.  Simply choose a topic that interests you, start reading. 


5. Discover new hobbies or learn a new skill 

There is no better time than now to embrace your hobbies or learn a new skill. Take this opportunity and explore the abundant resources that the internet can provide. From helpful drawing tutorials to niche content like how to make an Instagrammable cup of coffee at home, there is something out there that can stimulate your mind and keep you entertained.


6. Workout

Your gym might be closed but that doesn’t mean exercising at home isn’t possible. Get your endorphins pumping with at-home exercises you can find online and do from the comfort of your own home. There are even fitness video games and apps that actually provide a decent at home workout. Practicing simple yoga asanas are also a great alternative if you don’t have any equipment. Put on your workout clothes and pull up your favorite playlist and get your sweat on! 


7. Online shopping

Thanks to the internet, studying and work can easily be done at home. The same goes for shopping for essential items. Whether it’s clothes, daily necessities, or even food, you can get them online. Whatever you need is at the tip of your fingers, pick up your phone or go on your computer, put the things you want in your ‘shopping cart’ and then check out, and it will be delivered to your house. 


As a digital marketing agency, we’ve noticed a trend in increased traffic and number of views for online businesses and services. There has been a 88% increase of consumers transitioning to online shopping in Hong Kong in the past 3 months.

Staying at home is not necessarily a bad thing for everyone. There are plenty of fun activities you can do, and all businesses can find opportunities in this uncertain time to open up another business opportunity