Ramp Up Your PPC Campaign With These 5 Amazing Tools

Unless you just started with digital marketing yesterday, odds are you’re aware of how essential pay-per-click (PPC) ads are for businesses.

They can increase brand awareness by 80%, and 75% of people who click PPC ads say they make it easier to find relevant information.

That’s all well and good, but how can you get your PPC campaigns performing like the statistics say they will?

It might not happen overnight, but there are a host of insider tips available that can change the whole game for you.

First, we brought you the ultimate breakdown of SEM across the four instalments of our Crash Course series. Now we’re back to give you some priceless advice on which PPC tools can take your ads’ impact to the next level!

1. SEMrush


Digital marketing can be a risky game when you first get started. It’s a game of trial and error until you figure out what works, potentially resulting in costly errors.

That’s why SEMrush is a godsend. It helps foolproof your campaign, giving comprehensive info on things like your campaign’s keywords, cost-per-click (CPC) and all the performance feedback you could ask for.

This famous PPC tool not only gives you unparalleled insight into your campaign, but also your competition’s. You’ll get a summary of their ads, so you can take inspiration from their ad copy and keywords to see what could work for you.

2. Grammarly


While there are many complicated components of PPC ad success, there’s one necessity even the most painstakingly engineered campaign cannot escape from:

Good copy.

Good copy means punchy and action-prompting content that’s free from typos that obliterate your credibility in the eyes of searchers.

So how can you easily typo-proof your PPC campaign? Grammarly!

More than just a fancy spell-check software, Grammarly delves into the more subtle elements of your wording to ensure you deliver maximum impact – especially with the premium version!

With a downloadable application and convenient browser extension available, Grammarly has a “red light/yellow light/green light” grading system for you to keep tabs on your writing. Yellow means minor errors, while red indicates critical errors. If you’re in the green, you’re good to go.

3. Canva


While good copy is indisputably powerful, it’s still only one side of the coin. Quality design pulls it all together.

If your landing page or any other part of your campaign needs an element on design and you don’t have access to an in-house designer, we have the perfect tool for you.

Canva is an easy to use digital design platform that’s free for many of its wide range of functionalities. Much easier to learn than Photoshop (although no substitute, as any designer worth their salt would say), Canva has a selection of ad templates you can easily tweak to perfection, even with no prior design experience.

4. Facebook Ad Gallery


When kicking off your PPC campaign, you need to be certain your strategies will work from the get-go by employing rigorous testing.

The Facebook Ad Gallery by AdEspresso can fast-track this by displaying relevant ads from competitors and big names alike. These ads are shown based on your chosen parameters, including goals, industry plus many more.

Observing different ad creatives allows you to better understand the ways advertisers engage with their target audience according to various aspects. These include:

  • Which devices their ads display on
  • The point of the sales process the target viewer is at
  • Finer points such as curating specific ad placement

Of course, if you’re utilizing Facebook and other forms of social media marketing, AdEspresso itself is a fantastic PPC tool that simplifies the ad creation process.

5. Google URL Builder


If you’re running custom PPC campaigns, it’s vital that you know exactly where your site traffic comes from. Sometimes, oversights in the campaign creation process can leave traffic sources incorrectly categorised.

That may not sound like a huge deal, but false data can lead to disaster. Developing your campaign based on misinformation can hurt your results, including your revenue!

Don’t allow data input errors to affect your ROI. Use this ultra-simple Campaign URL Builder by simply inputting the listed criteria. It automatically generates your URL, then you copy and paste them into the correct field of your campaign management software.

To Wrap It Up

Running a successful PPC campaign is both an art and a science. There’s a lot of exact data and precision required, while also harnessing significant creative intelligence.

The beauty of these PPC tools is that they help you streamline the creation and testing of both the creative and logical processes. This is crucial when getting your campaign started.

Most importantly, they can safeguard your campaign against “rookie mistakes” that can wreak havoc on your revenue. The right PPC tools go a long way toward getting your campaign off to a flying start!

If you’re just starting off with your PPC tools and strategy, you are sure to appreciate our exclusive SEM Crash Course series. Get the breakdown on Search Engine Marketing you’ve been searching for here!