Top Apps for SEO

In today’s world the ability of having access to nearly everything on your mobile is not just convenient, it is becoming necessary. What does this mean for SEO? The good news is, there are apps already developed to help out marketers and social media managers to get the most out of their SEO campaign. Here is a list of this year’s top SEO apps.

  1. SEO Pro for Phone and iPad

SEO Pro will monitor and track your SEO, as well as display the ‘Big Three’ for any page: PageRank, Alexa Score, and MozRank. To make things even better, this app also tracks the most popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. This allows all your channels to be in one place. How great is that?

  1. Google Analytics App for Android

Being able to access to your Google Analytics reports in the palm of your hand is a must have for any marketer. You can easily see your reports and track campaigns and conversions all on your smart phone. Marketers and social media managers should absolutely have this app if they operate with Android.

  1. HubSpot for Android/iPhone/iPad

HubSpot offers its users much more than analytical tracking. HubSpot allows for you to put the tracking into the context of the overall marketing plan. With features such as the marketing grader, you can check your score against your blog, social media chennels, website, mobile optimization, SEO, and even lead generation. Not to mention, you can get your entire team involved with this app, making it great for small businesses.

  1. SECockpit (SEO Keyword Research Tool)- iPad/iPhone

Looking to find the right keywords for that upcoming blog post?  The SECockpit is designed to find the best words for your needs and it does so in an accurate way. While the designs of this app are known to be a little basic, its performance and accuracy makes up for that.

  1. Dashboard for Google Analytics- iPad/iPhone

Dashboard allows iPad and iPhone users to access their Google Analytics as well as see their overall scores in an easy way with the red, yellow, green ‘stoplight’. In addition, it provides real time info and data which is essential for business and on the minute insights- especially when it comes to live campaigns. Dashboard is extremely useful and easy to use and should be incorporated into any marketer’s daily use, if you have an iPhone or iPad.