Top SEO tips for the novice

The world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a confusing one, with an ever-changing landscape. Aside from being incredibly daunting for the novice, it can be difficult to know if you are doing things the right way. So, below are some top tips that can help a newbie get their head around the world of SEO.


Analyse Your Strategies Constantly

Whether or not something works with your SEO can depend entirely on how you analyse it. If you are not keeping track of what is and is not working for you, nothing will be learned. This is particularly the case with SEO, as it is constantly changing and developing. Deploying an older strategy could be completely redundant now, so it is really important to keep your strategies fresh.


One way to ensure you are on the ball with this is to invest in the analytics side of SEO. Looking ahead with SEO helps, too, as it is an entity in flux most of the time. Whether it is new strategies to keep updated or new guidelines to follow, staying abreast of your game plan helps tremendously.


If You Make A Mistake – Be Vocal About It!

It can be all too easy to sugarcoat the situation, but transparency is the only way to make use of SEO. If your strategy has failed, own it and try to pick apart where you may have went wrong. This is one of the best ways to learn – from your mistakes. More importantly, keep an open dialogue with your boss or client. Keep them informed on what has or has not worked – it will help them make decisions that they can communicate to you down the road.


Similarly, do not wait too long to ask for assistance if it is not going as planned. Solid SEO takes time to pay off, but you will know after a few months if it is a dud. As a rule, if there has been no benefit in the first four to six months, look to a senior for help. If you are certain that you are not seeing results, consult with a more senior SEO professional, or discuss the issue with your client. They may not like the news, but they will appreciate the honesty.