Getting Your Site on Google News

The Google news tool can be very powerful for promoting sites. It’s extremely popular and can get you on the first page if you have the right content. That last part is key, Google is pretty selective when it comes to what sites it allows to be listed on Google News. Most sites will not be able to make the list, but if your site can get on then you should definitely try. Even if you can’t now you should consider aiming for it somewhere down the line.

Remember that when you’re on Google news you’re competing with some of the top news sites in the world. If you want to make it you have to provide something unique. You either have to produce top quality material that stands out in a crowd or find a niche that only you can fill. With that said, you should be looking to provide these things anyway. Creating this sort of content is the best way to ensure success when it comes to search engine rankings. Also remember that Google News is a place to get news, it’s not an advertising site. Keep news and advertisements separate. You will get rejected if you are trying to smuggle advertising material into your actual news content.

Google offers a number of content guidelines that you need to check to see if you meet their standards. The first is that you must actually provide original news content. I’m sure you understand why they want those. They also are looking for trustworthy articles. Give readers a reason to trust your site when they are looking for important news. It helps if you can provide details about authors and ways to contact them.

You should also have a strategy before submitting. Figure out what kind of material you’ll be submitting and how often you’ll be submitting it. Always remember that quality beats quantity. One great article a day beats 10 mediocre articles. Still, it’s a balancing act. If you only upload one article a month Google News might not be right for you. Ultimately the choice is up to you. When you decide you’re ready and have the kind of content Google is looking for, you can visit their News support page and contact them about your page. They should respond back to you in a few weeks.

It’s always important to consider all options available. If you run a site that might qualify to be on Google news, then you should put serious thought into whether it would be worth the effort. There is a lot of traffic out there for the taking if you can get on it. The most important thing is providing the sort of quality material that searchers will look forward to seeing when it pops up under the news feed. If you can do that, then your site belongs on Google News.