Eaton Club’s First Page Experience

Video Transcript

Carmen – Eaton Club

Hello, I am Carmen, the GM of Eaton Club. Eaton Club is located in the heart of Central’s financial district. We are a social work club and also a high-end business center. It’s not only a serviced office but also a diversified venue for activities. What is diversity? In fact, the general business center does not have catering services but we provide our guests catering services, and extended to all kinds of activities. We provide a variety of foods, including Chinese food, Western food, buffet, or even cocktail parties. This is a relatively new idea in the business center industry. So far, we are the first business center to provide relevant services.

Our company used to have a marketing team, which was responsible for our digital marketing activities. A few months ago, we decided to work with First Page. After months of collaboration, I summed up several key points. Our cooperation with them is more cost-effective. They are digital marketing specialists, so their knowledge and technology are better. Thanks to their services, we can concentrate on our core business. It makes us more focused on business development.

First Page attach great importance to communication with guests and understanding our requirements. After working together, I think they are a very reliable digital marketing company. Our three centers in Kowloon, Central and Wanchai are about to open. I hope First Page can help us further and make our business flourish. I also strongly recommend First Page to everyone.