3 SAAS Marketing Tools that will Triple your MRR

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to increase your MRR (monthly recurring revenue). Luckily, there are several SAAS marketing tools available that can help you do just that.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to three such tools and show you how they can help triple your MRR. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Having experienced 500% growth over the past seven years, the SAAS industry is expected to be valued at $240 billion by the end of 2022

But with great opportunity comes great competition – SAAS businesses are now fighting tooth and nail for their piece of the pie. 

Simply put, it’s an all-out war for attention and customers.

Which is why if your SAAS business wants to stand out from the pack, you need to make sure your marketing game is primed for domination. 

In this article, we’ll uncover the three best SAAS marketing tools for your business, so you can scale faster than your competitors, generate leads on autopilot, and triple your MRR in record time. 

#1 – Leadpages (for landing pages)

SAAS marketing with Leadpages

Here’s the truth.

It doesn’t matter how well you scale your SEO.

It doesn’t matter how good your IG posts are. 

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your Google Ads campaigns. 

The fact is if your landing pages don’t AMAZE your target audience when they visit your site, then all of your marketing budgets are basically going to waste.

And frankly, your landing pages need to be more than just amazing – they have to follow the best practices to ensure they are optimized for leads and that they convert like crazy.

This is why the first entry in our best SAAS tools is Leadpages. 

Leadpages is one of the best landing page builders on the market and is especially helpful if your business doesn’t have a large in-house coding team. 

Leadpages allows the marketers on your team to create optimized landing pages that will increase conversions and customer LTV, while reducing your bounce rate and overall marketing costs. 

Pros & Cons of Leadpages

✅ Simple to use

✅ Dozens of templates

✅ Integration with other software

❌ Quirky backend

❌ Limited access to A/B testing

❌ Can’t replace a professional developer

Is Leadpages for you?

At the end of the day, there is no substitute for a custom-made landing page. It will win in any landing-page-battle, ten times out of ten.

But not every SAAS business has access to, or the budget to support, a full-time team of developers.

If this is the case with your business, then using software like Leadpages can help you effectively create, and publish, optimized landing pages that drive leads from day one. 

Also, due to its ease of use, Leadpages allows you to work fast, meaning you can get new landing pages up quickly to test them. 

Leadpages alternative

There is no lack of great landing page builders out there. Be sure to also check out Unbounce and Clickfunnels. 

#2 – AHREFs (for SEO)

SAAS marketing with AHrefs

SEO and SAAS are sort of like tacos and tequila… they just go so well together!

In fact, out of all the industries in the world, few have embraced SEO the way that SAAS businesses have. 

Which is why most SAAS companies don’t consider SEO to be a potential marketing channel – they look at it as an essential part of their growth.

And many of them are doing so with the help of AHREFs.

The world’s premium SEO software, AHREFs gives you access to a powerful suite of SEO tools that will take your presence on Google to the next level. 

AHREFs allows you to spy on your competitors, identify low-competition keywords, track your positions on search engines, and discover exactly where your backlinks are coming from. 

And over the years, AHREFs has expanded its capacities, not only helping with SEO, but content marketing, PPC, trending topics, and much more.

Pros and cons of AHREFs

✅ Incredibly robust

✅ Best keyword research tool

✅ Growing to be more than just an SEO tool

❌ Complex to use

❌ Knowing what to do with data can be tricky

❌ SEMRush is better for PPC + SEO

Is AHREFs for you?

While SEMRush is a very close second, we just think that AHREFs is as good as it gets for an SEO tool.

If you are looking to elevate your SEO – not only through evaluating your own site but by also evaluating where your competitors are getting their traffic and links from – then AHREFs is a no-brainer.

We’ve used AHREFs to help countless SAAS businesses get more organic traffic by working smarter. This means targeting the right keywords, and improving and building upon proven competitor strategies. 

AHREFs alternatives

While we slightly prefer AHREFs for SEO, the truth is that SEMRush brings basically just as much to the table and also can help greatly with your Google Ads campaigns.

It should also be noted that if your team is on a budget, Google Search Console can give enormous insights into your website’s performance – and it’s completely free!

#3 – Hubspot (for CRM)

SAAS marketing with Hubspot

While one could argue you don’t need landing page software like Leadpages (you can just hire in-house developers) and you don’t need SEO software (you can just hire an agency), you absolutely DO need a CRM tool.

CRM stands for ‘client relationship management’, and is the software that helps you convert cold traffic into blazing hot evangelists of your brand. 

Hubspot is one of the best options on the market for CRM, not only because of the CRM capacity but also because the software integrates seamlessly within your entire SAAS funnel.

Hubspot allows you to generate leads, but most importantly, continue to nurture them through your funnel. This includes email, SEO, social media, and more. 

Pros and Cons of Hubspot

✅ Can optimize your entire funnel

✅ Simple UX

✅ More tools frequently added 

❌ Confusing pricing tiers

❌ Limitations with the free plan

❌ Simple to start but complex to scale

Is Hubspot for you?

If you are looking for a single CRM program that helps optimize every part of your digital funnel, we’ve found Hubspot to be one of the best options.

But it’s important to understand that while Hubspot is intuitive and easy to set up, it takes a professional to run the software at scale and to get the most bang for your buck

Be sure whoever is running your Hubspot campaign has experience tracking and nurturing leads, so you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. 

Hubspot alternatives

Although SalesForce has a bit of a dated backend, it’s a favorite for many in the industry. Zoho is another robust CRM with plenty of features and a great pricing structure. 

Final thoughts on the best SAAS marketing tools

No matter if you are a scrappy SAAS startup, or an established brand already dominating your vertical, these 3 SAAS marketing tools will help you outgrow your competitors, and increase the LTV of your customers. 

Here at First Page, we have been helping SAAS companies like yours achieve immense growth by helping them create a detailed digital marketing strategy, and designing a holistic funnel that helps turn cold traffic into blazing-hot superfans of your product. 

If you are looking to grow your SAAS company with next-level digital marketing, be sure to reach out to a First Page Digital Strategist today.