The evolution of PPC: Traditional and modern techniques for the Hong Kong market


Pay-per-click marketing is evolving as technology and drives changes in user behaviour. Hong Kong, is at the leading edge of both smartphone use and mobile technological advances in user expectation.

Mobile commerce gains

Smartphone penetration rates in Hong Kong sits at touch under 90% and it is this saturation that is driving changes in marketing, says First Page industry commentator Jessica Ng.

As the top-rated digital agency in Hong Kong, First Page forecast industry trends, and they see mobile commerce (m-commerce) shaping the future of business in Asia-Pacific.

Ng says you can already see the foundation of this evolution in mobile marketing, and PPC in particular.

“Mobile search traffic has exploded and mobile ad optimization has become a key agenda in PPC management,’’ she says. “As sites continue to move to mobile-friendly, we will see an even greater upswing in mobile traffic.’’

As a result First Page is seeing a definitive increase in mobile specific ads, keywords and landing pages, “which now play a very important role in constructing and optimizing campaigns for more impressions and clicks on smartphones and tablets’’.

What’s in your hand?

It’s all at your fingertips. On the train, at lunch or sitting in the park; customers on mobile-friendly websites, clicking mobile-specific ads to mobile-optimised landing pages and completing their transaction on mobile devices.

“Google is constantly rolling out features such as callout extensions ad customizers and call tracking to help advertisers improve their campaign more effectively.

“These have evolved because of how user behaviour has changed from desktop to mobile. Google is changing features to connect advertisers and to searchers more easily.’’

Adding to the toolkit

So the PPC space is changing, but rather than making other methods obsolete, they are simply adding to the toolkit.

Even though the platform is changing and subtle differences play out on the way to conversions, Ng says there are still some fundamental elements that will always form the foundation of any PPC campaign that delivers a strong return on investment.

“Unlike SEO where algorithms and techniques are constantly changing, basic PPC optimization techniques are still very much valid today in terms of keywords, demographic targeting, ad group structuring, premium content and bidding management.’’

A recipe for success

It’s like baking a cake. You want to please the person you are making the cake for. Flour, eggs and sugar will always form the base of the cake. Once you have this base, you can add the appeal. The icing, decorations, candles and a personal message. And just wait to you see their eyes light up.