What is SEO?

SEO involves the optimization of website content with specially selected key phrases and words.
This process aims to improve SERP (search engine results page) rankings, pushing your site above
the competition and improving your business’s visibility.

Search Engine

SERP rankings are assigned based on a number of both on-site and off-site factors. The on-site involves the design of a site, including content links, backlinks, content on the page and title tags. The off-site includes backlinks from external sites, including reviews, social media, online directories, citations, blogs and other unaffiliated sources.

more leads, better
conversion rates, and higher sales

Search Engine and SEO

Search engines update their algorithms constantly, seeking ways to improve search results and give users what they are looking for quickly and easily. These refinements affect sites in different ways, making SEO a continual process of adjusting and anticipating, however the idea remains
the same.

budget under control

Search Engine Marketing
is a Dynamic Process

A First Page SEO campaign includes all the very best techniques for improving your rankings. However, with the number of changes made every year to search engine algorithms it is a constantly evolving process. The effectiveness of methods can vary from change to change, making continual refinement essential to ensuring success over the long term.

Keeping your Site on Top of the Competition

On-Site Work
  • Ensuring your website is cohesive and easy for the search engine bots to crawl. This involves streamlining your website structure and sitemap.
  • Content is created to be keyword-rich, with relevant details that give your website authority.
  • We will add content links to your site, creating a site with enough linked pages to give your website credibility from the perspective of a search engine.
  • Your website’s title tags will be improved to include relevant keywords for increased relevancy.
  • The bots will be able to read your website as intended once we have completed the canonicalization process.
Off-Site Work
  • We will create high-quality backlinks, increasing your site’s authenticity with the search engines.
  • Our performance media team will develop a social media campaign to enhance your business’s credibility.
  • Create links from off-site citations which reference your website and business.
  • Refine directory listings on non-affiliated websites, enhancing your web presence and helping to lift your SERP rankings.

Keyword Research

It is vital to choose the correct keywords and phrases, making sure they are both relevant to your business and able to generate enough traffic. This is important to ensure you start making the desired
amount of sales and enjoy a better ROI.

Almost a quarter of all search terms used every day are new, which makes it important to conduct meticulous research. The most common tactic is to create keyword clusters, consisting of variations on core phrases. E.g. house washing will be near other related terms, such as professional house washing, house washing company, and house
washing Hong Kong.

Creating Content for Robots and Human Readers

The content of your website must be pertinent to your company and its services or products. Carefully chosen key-phrases and words are strategically placed within your content, with some words and phrases requiring the addition of extra pages to strengthen your SEO. This attention to detail ensures the search engine bots have ample text to crawl, increasing your chances of better

budget under control

Don't overdo it

Overusing the keywords will give the impression of spam to a search engine. Algorithm updates make search engines better at recognizing when a keyword has been inorganically shoehorned into content and your site will be punished as a result.

What can’t be seen by the end user is every bit as important as what can. Behind the scenes, pages must be indexed correctly and any issues with canonicalization need to be rectified. A well-structured sitemap will direct the search engine bots through your website with greater efficiency, ensuring it can read it accurately. By making sure these small things are in place, you will experience a big difference in your end results.


A comprehensive backlink structure is vital for improving the credibility of your website. Search engines consider these to be a sign of authority, giving higher SERP rankings to sites considered informative and current.


Maintaining an active presence on social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, will convince search engines that your site is relevant. By giving the impression of being up-to-date, your SERP rankings will improve due to the search engine’s desire to reward dynamic websites.

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